What if Arwen had joined the Fellowship – Part One-Leaving Rivendell

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What if Arwen had joined the Fellowship?
Scene 1: As the Fellowship prepare to leave Rivendell

Elrond: …and may the blessings of Elves, and Men, and all free folk go with you.
Arwen: Bye Daddy!
She throws her arms around his neck and gives him a huge kiss.
Elrond: Are you sure that you want to go with them, now?
Arwen: Of course! You never know what might happen if I don’t…for example, Argie might fall for another woman…she lowers her voice to a whisper… and I’ll never be Queen of Gondor.
Elrond: I see your point, but this mission will still be very dangerous.
Arwen: Well, when you see it your way…
Legolas (impatiently): Are we going or what?!
Arwen: All right then! Bye Daddy. I’ll write.
She begins to mince out of the courtyard, but Gandalf stops her.
Gandalf: The Fellowship awaits the Ringbearer.
Arwen: Oh, make it quick then, Merry!
Frodo: Frodo!
Arwen: Whatever.
Frodo: Look, if you’re gonna tag along the least you can do is show a bit of respect to me.
Ganadalf: May I remind you all that I am the one who is leading the Fellowship?
Frodo: Look, are you the Ringbearer or am I? I shou- oh hell! The Ring!
He races back inside.
Boromir: This is all your fault Arwen. If you hadn’t pestered him earlier about Legolas saying that Merry was saying that Aragorn was saying that Pippin was saying about Sam wanting some rope Frodo would never have forgotten the Ring!
Elrond: Do not speak to my daughter like that! Do you know who I am? I am Elrond Ha-
Gandalf (as Frodo returns with the Ring): We are perfectly aware of whom you are, Lord Elrond, and I suggest that we get a move on. Middle-earth is at stake here!
Aragorn: Go on then Frodo.
Frodo: Mordor, Gandalf. Is it left or right?
Arwen: Right.
Gandalf: Actually, left.
Arwen: I think I should know. I do LIVE here.
Aragorn: Arwen, my sweetheart, I think it’s right.
Arwen: Are you CONDRADICTING me?!
Legolas: We haven’t time to debate the matter!
Arwen: Well then Legolas, which is it, tell me. Left or right?
Everyone (including the Elves in the courtyard): LEFT!!!!!
Arwen: Fine. Have it your way. You’ll see that I’m right in the end.
(She isn’t)
Arwen (as the Fellowship crosses the bridge): Hang on a sec. I got a stone in my boot.
As she empties the stone from her boot into the river she loses her balance. Aragorn quickly grabs her arm to stop her falling into the water.
Arwen: Oh Argie! You saved my life!
She thanks him wetly.
Boromir: We’ve barely left Rivendell. If we go on like this…
Arwen (breaking away from Aragorn): Oh Argie, I simply must dash back to tell Daddy what you’ve done for me.
The Fellowship: NO!!!!!
Legolas: My lady, we have to go now. We cannot delay.
Arwen: Well Leggie…since it’s you…
She smiles sweetly at him and takes his arm as they cross the bridge. Aragorn glares.
Boromir: Well you got to admit, she might get a better profit from Legolas. She can live happily ever after with him, and as for you…since she has to forsake her immortal life and spend eternity in mourning for you, it’s obvious you get the better part of the deal.
Aragorn: Shut up!


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