Welcome to the All New The One Ring!

by Jun 4, 2006Other News

Welcome to the all new TheOneRing.com (TORC)! A lot of time and effort was spent in improving this site, so we hope you’ll enjoy all the new stuff, and appreciate all the “behind the scenes” changes you might not see.

Some of the new things we’ve done include:

  • A new, more streamlined look (both for the front page, and the messageboard).
  • A new, simplified, commenting system for news and gallery items.
  • A completely revamped and re-opened gallery with nearly 4000 pictures and media.
  • Premiere Membership has been dropped to $4 per month, and only $40/year.
  • Messageboard Enhancements
    • Private Messaging for all Premiere Members
    • Custom Titles and Signature Pictures no longer need to be approved
    • An improved look across all browsers.
  • LOTS of “under the hood” enhancements that will allow us to make changes and improvements to the site faster than ever before!

Looking back over our history, this would officially be TORC Version 7. We’ve gone through lots of changes, and though this might seem not as dramatic as others, it truly is… I’m excited for what the future brings as TORC continues to be one of the most popular Tolkien sites on the internet, and the way this change will allow us to make quick improvements and add new features.

If you come across any errors, please comment on this article below, contact me, or post on our messageboard.

Thanks for your patience as we launched the site!

–Jonathan (TORC Admin and Founder)


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