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Some of you may know that last week we under took the big ol’ task of upgrading our messageboards… it took 3 full days, but now that it’s done, we’re going to start seeing some significant improvements.  Here’s the first…

You can now access our boards using your phone!  Sure, you can use the browser on your phone, but it’s just not the best experience.  Whether iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or iPad, you can download the Tapatalk app and access our forums wherever you are!  Here’s how.

Download the Tapatalk app (it’s $2.99 for Android and iPhone/iPad):
Download for iPhone/iPad (also Tapatalk HD for iPad Only)
Download for Android
Download for Blackberry

Here’s how to use it on an iPhone…

Load up the app and you’ll see the following screen:

Tap the “Search” button at the bottom of the screen (2nd from left).  On the search screen, search for “The One Ring” like this:

Tap the ‘Search “the one ring” on the screen and you’ll see this page:

Now, just tap on “The One Ring – Tolkien Online” and start browsing the boards!  Make sure to login so you can see the all-important “Latest” tab (at the bottom of the screen):

You can see any unread posts since your last visit, check through all threads you’ve posted in (the “Participated” tab), and see all recently active threads under “All”.

One thing to note… once you login, Tapatalk will remember your username and password so you just need to tap the “Me” button at the bottom of the home screen page (shown below) and you can click on the link there to login automatically the next time you load up the app!

If you’ve got any tips or tricks on how best to use this app on your phone, let us know below!  And also post any questions if you can’t get it to work (or you can post them to our Facebook page — we’ll probably see your questions there a lot faster than if you comment below).


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