Update About Toys – Toy Vault Opens On-line Store, Plus More

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The following is from the Newsletter that Toy Vault sends out ever so often. I thought I’d pass it along to you out there in one article, becuase it coveres several real cool area’s.

For those of you who are not familiar with Toy Vault, What is your problem. Head on over to their site now and get your Gandalf and Nazgul Lord Action figures.

Toy Vault Launches On-line Store

Toy Vault Toy Club now has an on-line store located at: store.yahoo.com/toyvault . You can place orders through the store using your credit card. From time to time Toy Vault will be offering discounted figures through the store. For more information please e-mail us at info@toyvault.com.

All Lord of the Nazgul Orders Shipped

All Lord of the Nazgul orders have been shipped[. I]f you have not received your order please contact us by e-mail at info@toyvault.com or by phoning 001(606)877-9818 There has been some concern over the Nazgul’s cloak. It is indeed supposed to be shredded at the bottom.

Lord of the Nazgul Problems

Dear Faithful Middle-earth Follower,

Toy Vault is aware some of you have had complaints with the paint job on the recently released Lord of the Nazgul figures. After pulling 50 copies of the figures, completely at random, we discovered the percentage of painting errors on these figures was astronomically high. After over a week of negotiations with the factory responsible for these numerous mistakes, a beneficial agreement was reached.

The factory in Hong Kong was made aware of the problems, both in writing and photographically. They are shipping us replacement figures for those who would like replacements, which will arrive here in about 2 months. We are aware that this seems like a significant amount of time, however we believe these corrected figures will be well worth the wait.

An announcement will be made as to when the new figures will be available. At that time, which should be around 2 months more or less, any customer who wishes to replace the Lord of the Nazgul figure they purchased can do so. We plan to issue UPS call tags to anyone who requests them, so the shipping of the figures will be free.

Anyone with questions or comments can contact Toy Vault anytime by e-mailing info@toyvault.com or calling 001 (606) 877-9818. You can also write to:

Toy Vault Toy Club

253 Reynolds Rd.

Keavy, KY 40737 [USA]


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