Under the Mallorn Tree — Adventures in Middle Earth with Elbren – The Mystery of the Elven Princess

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My new Miniature Shards of Narsil Statuary came in today; and, mellyn, it is spectacular. Really, it is. It’s the beautiful Elven Princess from Peter Jackson’s films cradling the Shards of Narsil atop an Elven shield. The detail is exquisite beyond my own expectations, (and it’s safe to categorise me as an Elf with HIGH expectations!) The silvery cloth that drapes across the shield I would have designed a bit differently had United Cutlery asked me, (they didn’t); and even though they neglected to do so, I think that I shall get a real piece of cloth and add my own little Mallorny-nuttish touch to this collectible anyhow.

I especially love the brooch that is clasping the Elven Princess’s cloak. It looks rather Celtic knot-ish and again, the detail is quite fine. Her hair is divided into 16 braids that are of a style that I don’t recall seeing an Elf ever wear. Even in Jackson’s films. It’s a coil type design that reminds me of…corn braids. Or a variation on French braids. Is Jackson trying to tell me something? Are the French actually Elven descendants? Or perhaps the Elves migrated to the Caribbean once the Age of Man took over Middle Earth?


The shield is most definitely the Elven shield from the Prologue of Fellowship of the Ring. It’s..errr…upside down, so that the Shards may rest safely within the gentle slope of the shield. There are folds within the cloth, or pseudo cloth, that lie atop the shield, and I have spent several hours trying to determine if the shard pieces are supposed to fit exactly into some of those folds and curves. Don’t laugh; I guarantee you that there will be buyers of this collectible scouring the internet for pictures and/or freeze framing their DVDs of Fellowship to try and see the correct placement for the Shards. Which begs the question: IS there a correct placement for the Shards?

I decided to find out. I went back to my box, (yes, I saved it; how many reviews do I have to write before you people realise that I save ALL of my collectible boxes! Sheesh!) And guess what? There does indeed seem to be a correct placement for the Shards! In fact, if you will arrange your Shards PRECISELY like they are on the box, (and in the promotional photo), then, amazingly enough, the display actually does look even MORE handsome. Well, it looks more “right” anyhow. To me. Ahem.

Unfortunately, this is when I began to note that it does not, however, look like the Shards, when put together to try and form the UNBroken Narsil, will work. So, I removed my carefully placed Shards from the Elven shield and tried to place them together on my desk just to see. I am STILL trying to put them together as I write this. Something seems to be wrong with either the Shards or me…..

So I placed the Shards BACK on the Elven shield. You know what? As much as I like Boromir, (and Sean Bean), if he were to walk in here and drop MY Shards on the floor, I would not only make him pick it back up, but I would tell him that he deserved that nasty little cut on his finger! Thank Eru he had enough sense not to BLEED on them!

And yet, this lovely little collectible begs another question of me; actually, several questions.

This is an Elven Princess holding the Shards of Narsil. Errr, which Elven Princess, guys? It’s not like we have LOTS of those running around in Middle Earth. Especially post Second Age Middle Earth. I mean, I’m assuming that this statue was commissioned especially to hold the Shards, (humour me, here, okay?), so if that’s the case, then we only have a few Elven Princesses that it COULD be: Arwen or her mother, Celebrian. Either possibility brings up yet MORE possibilities as to how and why an ELVEN statue was chosen to “guard” the Shards while in Rivendell. Well, okay, Elves live in Rivendell. Duh. But, so was Aragorn raised there and his mother dwelled there for some time, too. Why not make the statue a Gondorian woman? Were the Elves in Jackson’s Middle Earth CLAIMING Narsil…or just keeping it safe until the Return of the King? Well, keeping in mind that Jackson’s Elrond doesn’t seem to have much faith in mankind, (“they are WEAK”); thus, I have to wonder at that theory. And I’ll tell you this much: The Elven Princess doesn’t look a THING like Liv Tyler. And I don’t just mean the facial features. So, how many Elven Princesses ARE in Jackson’s Middle Earth?

One must keep in mind that Hadhafang, the Sword of Arwen from the movies, was also the sword of Elrond in the movies….and the sword of Idril of Gondolin. Ah yes, I have again forgotten about artistic license and assumed that there was some rhyme or reason to an ELVEN PRINCESS STATUE CRADLING THE SHARDS OF NARSIL.

You can relax: There is none to be found. It’s just a gorgeous statue that holds the Shards of a beautiful sword. And for $30 or so, it’s actually quite the steal for the LOTR Movie Memorabilia Collector, better known as LOTRMMCs. You know who you are. You know how badly you want one of these. C’mon out of the closet….there are others here as well.

Well, I shall crawl back under my Mallorn Tree, with my gorgeous little statue, and take a nap, methinks….and perhaps I will discover who this Elven Princess really is….

***You can get the United Cutlery Miniature Shards of Narsil from The Mithril Armoury for $32.95; TORC Premiere Members can get it for $29.50!


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