Twas the Night Before Helms Deep – A Two Towers twist on a classic poem

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Twas the night before helms deep and all through the land
Everyone was awaiting the battle for man
The orcs were grotesque and marching their way
And Gimli was bragging bout how many he’d slay

The peasants were nestled all snug in the hold
As they placed all their bets on the brave and the bold.
The weapons were gleaming and sharper than razors
As the boys and old men were taught combat behaviors

“We’ll never survive!” King Theoden said
“They’re too many strong, they’re too far ahead!”
But at that very moment, from Elrond there came
A bevy of elves who were all dressed the same

“We’ve helped you before, we were allies you know”
Said Haldir the elf as he offered his bow
“For Helms Deep we will fight, middle earth we’ll defend”
Spoke Aragorn with a smile to his pointy eared friend

Then out on the plains there arose such a thunder
An army from Mordor, sent to pillage and plunder
The elves and the dwarf and the true king of man
Stood fast to their posts, all awaiting the slam

They battled for hours, from midnight till dawn
In hopes Seruman’s forces soon would be gone
But they were losing the fight, the safe hold had been breached
Theodin had lost hope but Aragorn did beseach:

“King Theoden, I beg you, lets die on our feet,
We’ll saddle and ride, and the orcs we will meet.
Head on I will fight them, my sword in my hand
I’ll breathe my last breath in defense of our land.”

King Theoden smiled and nodded his head
“I’d rather die trying if I have to be dead”
So onward they fought, till the first light of dawn
When who should appear outside on the lawn

A figure in white on the back of a horse
And Aragorn grinned, it was Gandalf of course!
He’d brought Eomer’s army, a whole troop of men
And the Helms Deep defenders had hope once again

As the first light arrived and blinded their foes
They fought even harder with their swords and their bows
And you could hear the orcs scream as they knew they were
“We’ll get you, Aragorn, and your little elf too!”


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