Traveling All of New Zealand… As Gandalf

by Mar 14, 2006Other News has announced quite an interesting fan film entitled “Almost There and Back Again.” I’ve yet to watch the entire film… but it’s clear their goal is rather daring–to walk the length of New Zealand in full Middle-earth garb and character. Here’s the synopsis:

In an unassuming home in Auckland, New Zealand, an historic event is being planned. A tight-knit group of friends and role playing enthusiasts have come up with a quest that they hope will cement their place in the annals of pop culture. In a tribute to Peter Jackson and JRR Tolkien, these nine brave souls will atempt to walk the length of New Zealand, in full Middle-earth garb, and in full character.

What happened on their journey would affect them all deeply, and change the life of one… forever.

See the fan film!


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