TORC Discoverer – Episode 5: Spammers; The Pink Meat

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Warning Spamming can seriously endanger you health. Do not attempt to perform ANYTHING from this episode

Now a look into Daefaroths Bane; the spammer

What is a spammer?
Quite simply a spammer is an annoying member who feels the need to post repeatedly in a thread, causing the thread to get extremely confusing for any trying to read it.
There are some spammers who have some form of MPD who actually have conversation with themselves in a thread. They are to be pitied and laughed at by all and shamed into never spamming again.
Then there is the off topic spammer who wonders into a thread and starts posting about a completely different subject until no one else in the thread knows what’s going on and the thread is completely derailed.
Finally there is the post count spammer, who spams for the sole purpose of raising their post count. These are without doubt the most hated spammers at all.
All of the above will normally result in MOD action and should be avoided by any sensible poster at all costs. The future of a spammer is a sad one devoid of any comforts and quite possibly a good roasting.

The man who spammed too much
Without doubt the most famous spammer of all was Sir Spamalot. Whose short invasion of TORC was heralded by thousands of threads all started with the ingenious phrase “Spam”. Never had spam been performed at such a high level before and the Mods were quite busy cleaning up the place after one of his visits. He will forever be remembered and feared less he descends on the Boards laying down spam wherever he goes. Let’s just all hope that he has moved onto another site and will never return again.

The three levels of spam
There are three major levels of spam that can be performed

1} The n00b spam is not necessarily performed by a n00b but rather means one who is not skilled in the classic art of spamming. Normally it consists of repetitive posts and/or unrelated posts. They are easily noticed and immediately trigger the MODS spam senses. Soon after a warning is given and if necessary a thread Locked.

2} The accidental spam is normally the result of a thread descending into slapstick mode and the occupants posting quick fire accordingly. The posts become shorter and shorter until although on topic the resemble spam. Experienced spammers will often move in at this time and spam undercover of these short posts hoping not to be noticed by the patrolling Mods.

3} The experienced spammer has developed their spamming skills to such a level that no one realizes that they are spamming. They will weasel their way into any thread and post in an accepted manner but at the same time spamming. These are the hardest spammers to identify as they appear like any other poster and Mods will often let them pass by. But they always file their names in the back of their minds for future use. For the Mods find all spammers one day. It is only a matter of time.

The spammers fate
Spammers all share a common fate; the MOD.
Now there are various means of dealing with a spammer. Lock Bearer prefers to Lock first before the thread gets too out of hand.
Then there is Daefaroth. He prefers to roast spammers in his specially built fire pit. Their ashes are then used as fertilizer for the vivid flora of the TORC landscape. There are always new spammers to keep the flames licking in the pit.
Recently a new form of spam prevention has appeared in the form of the inhabitants of TORC who tend to hold posters of n00b spam in disdain for it’s lack of imagination. After all if you are going to spam you should at least have the decency to do it well.

Will spam ever end
For every spammer that reforms their ways, is banned or otherwise dealt with another one is born. There will never be a time when the world of TORC is completely free of the spammer. We just have to remember the signs and try to prevent our own fall into spam.
For where there is posts there will always be spam.
Before you spam please spare a few thoughts for the Mods, after all; it gives ShadowJack idigestion.

Next time on TORC Discoverer: RPers; Living in two worlds


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