TORC Discoverer – Episode 1: Mods in Society

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This week on TORC Discoverer we delve into the mysterious world of Mods

Mods take many forms to blend in with their environment.
For example; CrispyCreme has taken the seemingly harmless form of a donut. After all who would suspect an innocent looking item of confectionary sitting in the corner?
On the other end of the scale is Daefaroth. By assuming a terribly ferocious form complete with a set of teeth that a Great White would be impressed by, Daefaroth lets even the most naïve n00b or hardened oldbie know he’s watching.
InnocentEvil is different in this respect. She no longer feels the need to assume different froms and is confident that the mere sight of her name will ensure good behaviour. Although it must be noted that when challenged, she still retains the ability to transform into a leather clad modinatrix within a matter of nanoseconds.
A good Mod always plans ahead.

A Mod is a volatile creature, which contrary to popular belief likes to live a peacefull life.
It will roam the plains of TORC for hours on end, posting, helping n00bs, locking moster threads and editing their sigs.
However, their keen senses, naturally occurring in geek genetics and honed by hundreds of thousands of hours of internet time, can detect a *TOS* violation, spammer, multiple redundant thread poster in Welcome while they are in Premier Membership Support.
That is when the normally passive and peacefull Mod turns into the most whispered about and feared thing on the board. Even more terrifying than Gimli’s beard or the thought of Sunsilver spamming.
They become MODS

MODS In Action
There are many forms of Mod action. The majority of which are nothing to be worried about, however when in MOD mode there are three that you must be especially wary of:
1) The Warning; common:
A simple post letting posters know that they are treading close to the fine line of the rules and *TOS*, and they are watching.

2) The Explained Lock; common:
The thread is locked, normally after action 1, or in the event of misplaced posts and similar thread posts, as soon as the MOD sees it.
A final post is made in the thread explaining the action and/or pointing towards similar threads. The thread is then locked.

3) The LOCK; rare:
Seldom used lock where no explanation is posted. It’s rarity is probably due to the fact that it often spawns threads of it’s own enquiring as to the reason for the LOCK, causing the increase of MOD workload and the drafting in of other MODS to help deal with the situation.

When MODS Attack
There are a few basic guidelines for surviving a MOD attack whithout a ban or other such horrendous outcome.

In the event of a Warning the safest thing to do is to stop doing what you were warned about. Remember the MOD may be in stealth mode so you cannot see them, but they are there watching, always watching.
PLEASE NOTE: Ignoring the Warning can be extremely dangerous, it will normally lead to Locking or worse.

If your thread has been Locked your best course of action is to follow the links to the senior thread and continue the discussion there.

In the event of a Lock or LOCK being implemented do not, repeat DO NOT do any or all of the following:

Do not immediately repost your thread, with or without the complaint that the last one was locked.
Do not go on a spamfest i.e. spamming “Lock Bearer SUX!!11!!111!11” on every thread on the board.
Do not start a complaint thread about the Lock or LOCK. If you question the action take it up with the Mod themselves via email.

All in all the best method for surviving a MOD attack is to roll over, re read the rules and TOS and continue posting while keeping the reason for the action on mind.
The MOD will then return to it’s Mod form and peace will reign once more across the Forums.

In Conclusion
Remember the Mod is a fascinating creature to study. They are not by nature evil. Many find the transformation into MOD mode uncomfortable, therefore to keep the Mod in it’s passive state: Abide by the rules and *TOS*.

Next week on the TORC Discoverer: The Admins; Gods or Monsters?


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