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Finrod the Faithful and Sauron’s Nagging Wife (The Lady Legrace)

Three years ago, Sauron’s Nagging Wife (Legrace) and Finrod the Faithful became friendly writing on Tolkien Online’s The Gathering Storm role play. When Finrod went to Prague on a business trip in June, they arranged to meet casually, each thinking that the other was married. With a friendship already in place from Tolkien Online and their e-mails, they fell in love over the next few days and spent the summer visiting and getting to know each other.

On Sept. 11, Finrod left his children with his sister and went to Prague that night so Legrace would not be alone. A few days later, he took her back to Italy with him, and they have rarely been separated since then. They were legally married August 2, 2002 so Legrace could adopt the boys; shortly afterwards, the ridiculously fertile pair found out that despite powerful contraception, they were going to have another child. With Legrace perilously ill, they moved to the suburbs of NYC in January 2003. One terrifying afternoon in June, the premature yet healthy miracle baby arrived, but he almost cost Legrace her life. Since then, she has slowly regained her health, and now is awaiting the finalization of the adoption from Italy.

Update: Since she wrote this, Legrace’s adoption of her sons has been completed. Congratulations to the new `legal’ family!

Gimli and Rodia

Rodia (Madzia) and I met each other about two years at TORC. Recently since about November or so we’ve had multiple people tell us that we should be together, but we ignored them saying they were wrong. Orodreth111 even sneakily added us both into a conversation together on Yahoo then left it so we could talk privately one time. Then sister Lady_of_Rohan decided to make a nice little thread telling everyone that I had proposed and Rodia has accepted and that we were getting married at The Gathering. We let it go for a little while, but finally had to come clean that it was a joke and we were not together.

Once The Gathering got closer, Lady_of_Rohan started telling us that we would be together by the end of it. We again told her she was crazy and it wasn’t like that, we are just friends, which we were. Gathering finally arrived and we had a wonderful time like everyone else, but slowly started to realize that there might be more. We talked a few times about it and decided that yes there was more, but we didn’t know what to do about it. There was just too much distance between us. It became pretty obvious to the others in our group what was going on, but we didn’t let anything come of it and instead said our goodbyes and left Toronto for opposite sides of the world agreeing that we wouldn’t pursue it.

After we got back online, we started to discuss it again, and after about a week we realized we would regret it if we didn’t at least give it a shot. So here we are planning to meet again this summer in Oxford and having a wonderful time talking on the phone and sending each other text messages each day.

Vanaladiel and Guruthostrin

In July of 2002 I was happy to be able to meet with the TORCers of Washington state in Seattle for a mini moot. We planned on getting together at the Ivar’s restaurant on the wharf. I arrived and waited for others to show up. I stood there for a little while when this gal walked up to me and asked if I was there for the mini moot of TORC. It was Elenath that I was chatting with finally. Her brother was sitting back on a bike rack watching up and down the sidewalk. I had visited with Elenath on the boards in a few threads before so I knew kind of who she was.

Elenath and I talked for a bit then walked over to her brother so she could introduce me. I met Guruthostirn and thought he is very nice. When the others showed up we were all busy visiting. We finally went into the restaurant but had to wait for seating for the lot of us. I sat towards one end of the table and him on the other, on the opposite side of the table. We never talked again at that meeting but in just a few weeks we were chatting on IM.

I was getting a divorce and only wanted to be friends with as many TORCers as I could meet. I must say that TORCers are the greatest bunch of people.

Anyways we became online friends and were happy to see each other at several mini moots that we held around the state that year.

Last Feb when my divorce became final he asked me if we could see each other away from the Mini moots so we became close friends and started dating. Well that has been a year ago and we are very much into each other. I love him and he loves me and so we will continue to be a couple both on and off the boards. Well his character has a lady so we are only a couple in some threads on the boards but that works for us. We are very happy!

Iavas_Saar and Eruname

We first met in the Music forum where I posted a LOTR-themed song I’d written. She studies music and she emailed me about the song to suggest improvements. We emailed a few times but nothing else happened then. A few months later she began to take part in the role-playing in my swooning thread. I still didn’t really take notice of her though until my birthday when she sent me a really nice virtual card. Because of that I added her to my TORC buddies list and wanted to chat to her. We soon moved from buddies to Yahoo Messenger, and after several long chats, I realized I’d fallen for her. She was very surprised indeed. Things got better and better, and after 3 months I flew over to Texas, and things were just as good in real life.

Update: Iavas and Eruname have become engaged since he sent us their story. Congratulations, you two!

Meaglin and Amarie

Maeglin and I have been together for a year and almost 2 months now. We met through friends on TORC, Aglanor and rwhen. These two invited me to join EmpireQuest, a text-based online game where Maeglin happened to be the leader of our alliance. We started talking more in-game, on TORC and on msn, which eventually led to our planned first meeting in Boston in June 2003. It went really well, and we even have a thread on our experiences there, as well as another one on our second meeting. Then, he flew here to Alaska to spend Thanksgiving and most of December with me. This May, I’m going to stay with him in Holland for about a month, which I look forward to.

We saw RoTK together when he was here. It seemed fitting for us to see the final installment of LotR together, the reason we found each other in the first place. If we hadn’t read Tolkien and if Peter Jackson hadn’t come up with this crazy idea and if we hadn’t found TORC, we never would have met. We’ve been TORCers for three years now, and in the year we’ve been together, we’ve shared RP, game, talk and book threads. We’ve shared threads before, but not a lot and we never really addressed each other much. We did and do share very similar interests (Tolkien being one), fantasy in general and video and pc games.

It’s good to see that there are other TORC couples like us. I like to think the professor brought us together. However corny that sounds.

Ornedil and NienorNiniel

I met my current boyfriend, Ornendil, in the guild for Norwegian Elves (the DNAM), as both of us are Norwegians. Didn’t think much about it then, but later we bumped into each other in the Blind Guardian thread, and he helped me finding a music video. As a joke, I told him that I loved him because of what he had done…

Later, when the DNAM met to watch TTT together, I couldn’t help but to wonder if he would become my “internet boyfriend” one day; just playing with the thought. Our contact grew closer when I found out that he also took great interest in the Narn i Hîn Húrin, my favourite story in the Silmarillion.

As Rotk drew closer, we sat in line together. I remember watching TTT in a CD shop when waiting for tickets, and he rested his head in my lap. Little tingling in my stomach, but still no serious feelings going on. We talked much on TORC and MSN after this. We found out that we liked each other, wanted to see the other again. Our tastes in music, books, movies and other things are very alike, and he’s only two years older than me. Then the one-week Norwegian line for RotK came.

I couldn’t be there myself, but he promised to get me tickets. And I visited him for two days in the line. We got really close to each other. Cold as it was, we found warmth in each other.

Our first kiss came not long after this, when I was visiting my aunt, and he came and visited me. We TORCed a bit together, had a pillow fight… and kissed.

We’re a real couple now. It came a bit surprising on both of us. The interests we share are one of the main reasons for but being together, but it also… just feels right. Thank Eru for TORC!


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