Top 20 things that tell you you’re LotR crazy. – A top-tenner.

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#1 You are a premiere member of no less than 20 LotR sites and have contributed many articles and stories to all of them.
#2 You catch yourself slipping into Quenya when you talk to someone.
#3 You write letters using angerthas.
#4 When a creepy guy in the store asks for your name, you hesitate for a moment before replying ” Underhill. My name is Underhill.”
#5 When your friend invites you to go boating on the lake with them, you shudder violently and say “NO!”
#6 You flinch whenever you see a black horse.
#7 You spend over 3 days downloading one or all of the movies off the Internet.
#8 When you see a commercial for the movie, you yell “LORD OF THE RINGS COMMERCIAL” and turn up the TV.
#9 You not only stand in line for both the normal and the extended video, but you also buy the collecters edition-and you don’t even own a DVD player.
#10 You have memorized a section 8 pages long from the ‘Lay of Leithian’, and/or Bilbo’s ‘Lay of Earendil’.
#11 As much as you disliked spiders before, now you hate them more than anything.
#12 You’ve dropped the habit of throwing rocks in lakes.
#13 Whenever you say ‘precious’, you say it ‘preciousssss’ and add a ‘gollum! gollum!’ or two.
#14 You beg your parents on your knees to have archery lessons.
#15 When you hear someone bad-mouthing LotR, you haul off and punch them in the jaw. Never mind that it’s the school principal.
#16 While visiting your elderly uncle, you tell him to go stay with the Elves and drop a hint that you’d like his house and all of his possesions.
#17 When your dad mutters about getting grey hairs, you reply brightly ” Look on the bright side! Maybe you’ll look like Gandalf!”
#18 Your mom asks you when you set up a LotR collectibles shop in your bedroom.
#19 You add it up and discover that you’ve spent over $100 a month on LotR stuff for the past year.
#20 You have so many LotR posters on your wall that you can’t remember the original wall color.

To give credit where credit is due, a few of these are taken from I have the authors’ permission to reproduce them here.


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