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J.R.R. Tolkien was, without a doubt, the greatest fictional writer of all time. Three of his books, known to readers worldwide as The Lord of the Rings trilogy, were voted the best fictional books of the twentieth century. On top of that, these books are the second most bought and printed books ever, topped only by the bible. Now, at the start of the twenty first century, just as in that of the twentieth, J.R.R. Tolkien’s works are rising in popularity, but this time it isn’t just from his books.

Coming soon from New Line Cinema will be the movie debut of the three-part The Lord of the Rings trilogy. And, with the help of the World Wide Web, people everywhere can see the preview of the most awaited movie ever. Topping even that of Star Wars, the amount of people who downloaded the movie trailer in the first day exceeded 1.7 million, in addition, over 6.6 million people downloaded the trailer within the first week.

Ever since Tolkien’s release of The Hobbit in 1938, he has been the idol of several people. After his death, many writers aspired to meet his standards. Some, including his son Christopher Tolkien, even went so far as to continue writing stories about Tolkien’s beloved world called Middle-earth. In many essays, Tolkien writes about how he just relates to the public stories he knows about the imaginary world, while there was many stories he didn’t know. This suggests the reason his world was so lifelike; he lived in it. Not only did his son write his own tale about this Middle-earth; he also published many books from his father’s notes that J.R.R Tolkien had not the chance to in his lifetime.

Tolkien’s world was so vivid, which was a reason for it to be loved by most fantasy/sci-fi readers. He created languages with alphabets, annals of kings and rulers, timelines, maps, and much, much more. Now, many Tolkien books on the shelves, including The Atlas of Middle-earth, and Tolkien; an Illustrated Encyclopedia, were written not by him or even his son, but by adoring fans and readers of the legendary writer. Information about the race of fantasy creatures know as Hobbits are common knowledge among fantasy and science fiction readers alike, but what many people don’t know is that the Master of Fantasy himself, J.R.R. Tolkien, created them. The movies will be released in December 2001, December 2002, and December 2003.

J.R.R. Tolkien was, and still is, considered by most people, the greatest writer of all time.

The following are a list of Middle-earth Books, both from the true master and from his admiring followers:

Tolkien, JRR:

·The Hobbit

·The Lord of the Rings 2

·The Fellowship of the Ring (illustrated by Alan Lee) H3

·The Fellowship of the Ring

·The Two Towers

·The Return of the King

·Tree and Leaf Smith of Wooton Major

·The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth

·Farmer Giles of Ham

·The Adventures of Tom Bombadil

·Sir Gawain and the Green Knight


·Sir Orfeo

·Finn and Hengest

·Mr Bliss

·The Silmarillion

·Tolkien Reader

·Unfinished Tales

·The Book of Lost Tales I

·The Book of Lost Tales II

·The Lays of Beleriand

·The Shaping of Middle-earth

·The Return of the Shadow H3

·The Treason of Isengard H3

·The War of the Ring H3

·Morgoth’s Ring H3

·Letters ed. Humphrey Carpenter

Other Authors
·Faerie trans. F le Doux (French)


·An extrapolation on The Silmarillion


·The Tolkien Quiz Book


·Good and Evil in the Lord of the Rings

 BECKER, Alida

·A Tolkien Treasury H4

 CARPENTER, Humphrey

·JRR Tolkien: A Biography

 EVANS, Robley

·JRR Tolkien: Writers for the 70s

 FOSTER, Robert

·The Complete Guide to Middle Earth


·The Four-Part Structure of Bilbo’s Education

 HELMS, Randel

·Myth, Magic and Meaning in Tolkien’s World

 HILL, Wendell

·Rules for the Live Ring Game


·Tolkien and the Critics


·Master of Middle-earth – The Achievement of JRR Tolkien

 MORSE, Robert E

·Evocation of Virgil in Tolkien’s Art: Geritol for the Classics H2

 READY, William

·Understanding Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings


·The Tolkien Quiz Book


·The Road to Middle Earth H3

 STRACHEY, Barbara

·Journeys of Frodo


·Berkley Quest Games:

1. Night of the Nazgûl

2. The Legend of Weathertop

3. Rescue in Mirkwood

·Lord of the Rings Film Book

·Lord of the Rings Fotonovel

·Harvard Lampoon Bored of the Rings

·The Hobbit- Graphic Novel Part 1

These and other Tolkien books can be bought from or checked out at the Tolkien Society Library at


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