Tolkien Estate Releases New Web Site

by Apr 17, 2007Other News

The Tolkien Estate has just released a new web site, corresponding with today’s release of the new book, The Children of Hurin.

In addition to an attractive intro to the site, there’s some other info particularly dealing with the new book, but not exactly much yet. They do state that, “The complete website will be online later in the year, but we may update this limited version before that.”

On a interesting sidenote, it looks like they’ve finally put the domain to use… If you didn’t know, for 6 years this site was called “Tolkien Online – The One Ring” (and was at located at that address) until the summer of 2005 when the Tolkien Estate’s lawyers demanded that name from us or face legal action–even though this site had the blessing of Tolkien’s publishers, the movie studios, and Tolkien Enterprises, and was one of the two largest Tolkien sites on the internet for those 6 years.


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