Tolkien Art in Progress – Adriela’s New Art

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Every time I read The Lord of the Rings, my mind’s eye paints magnificent pictures as the words move like myriad paintbrushes through previously uncolored visions in my head. I’ve always wanted to make my own visions of Middle-earth tangible, to put them on paper to experience the vision with only a glance, a glance that evokes the words that so magnificently first painted that picture.

There are some well-known and not-so-well known artists who have captured my own visions on their own canvases–
Galadriel in progress…

I wanted to have a bit of the old stylized fairytale illustration look to her; less realistic than Aragorn, for who can draw “fairer than fair”? Not I, but the sketches that had her turned away and her face hidden just weren’t getting it.

I’m probably going to rework the circlet, as I was unsure following the descriptions if the circlet was of golden flowers literally, or the flowers golden. Upon a rereading, Galadriel sings that “in a fading crown have twined the golden elanar”, so it’s back to a rework of the flowers.

Thanks for your art, Adriela. I look forward to seeing the completion of this piece!


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