The Visions – Part 2

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Matt and Mark shook their heads and Alexa sighed.
“Fine be that way.” She said, and looked over at Johnathan, but her was watching the houses go by. She sighed again. She longed already for the day to be over. Everyone thought that she had a crush on Johnathan, because they were best friends and he liked her. That wasn’t true though, she really liked Mark. She smiled as she thought about her dreams last night. Her thoughts were soon interrupted buy the snickers of Matt and Johnathan. She looked up at them to see them looking at her.
“What?” She asked.
“Nothing.” Matt said, still laughing.
She glared at him, then turned to Johnathan.
“What’s so funny?” She asked, again.
“Just something that Mark said.”
She glared at Mark until he turned to Matt.
“Tell her.” He said.
“Aww…Mark.” Matt started.
“Don’t just tell her.”
“Mark said you were spacing out on us again.”
“So what?” Alexa pouted.
“It’s just you do that alot lately… What’s going on?” Matt asked.
“Alexa, come on…you can tell us.” Matt pleaded.
Alexa looked at Mark for help but he shrugged.
“Tell them if you want, but I’m not getting into it.”
Alexa sighed,”Fine, but I’m not promising anything, this is just what I thought the other night.”
“Okay, just tell us.” Johnathan said.
“Well, I had a strange dream about us going back as all of us did, and that got me thinking.. Maybe we’re suppose to help Amy and Nick somehow with something.. I’ve just got a weird feeling thought that we won’t be going back in time.”
“What? Where would we be going then?” Matt and Mark asked at the same time.
Alexa laughed at first and then sombered,”Well, you guys are going to say I’m crazy.”
“No we won’t. Just tell us.” Johnathan pleaded.
“Fine. What if we were to go to a completely different world?” She asked.
“What?” The trio said to her.
“What if we were to go to a place where trees talk and there’s such thing as little folk, like hobbits?” She asked.
“Alexa, I think that Lord of the Rings book is getting to your head.” Johnathan said.
“Johnny, I’m serious.” She said.
The boys shook their heads, and Alexa went back to staring out the window. Suddenly, there was bang and the Alexa was thrown forward with a sudden joult.


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