The Tolkien Slash Awards – a.k.a. “Tolkies”

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The Tolkien Slash Awards

Best Writer Duo
-Arothorn & NimahSage
-Elbereth & Kementari
-Mali & FlameRaven
winner: Elbereth & Kementari

Best Writer
-Belladonna Brandybuck
-Cassandra Claire
-Steven Cavanagh
winner: Steven Cavanagh

Best Spoof by a Group
-The Mods of the Ring: The Fellowship of the Salmon
-Weakest Link; Tolkien Edition (Nilson_the_white, Crispycreme and Haefalas)
winner: The Mods of the Ring

Best List by a Group
-Crouching Gollum, Hidden Balrog
-The Lost Scenes of LotR
winner: Crouching Gollum, Hidden Balrog

Best Continual Spoof
-The Abridged Hobbit (*Elbereth*)
-After LotR: The TV Show (Elbereth & Kementari)
-Ringbearer Wars (KeithF)
winner: After LotR

Best Spoof by Two People
-Adventures of the Spandex Brigade (Mali & FlameRaven)
-After LotR: the TV Show (Elbereth & Kementari)
-Leggy in Purple Sunnies, or an unlikely conversation (Arothorn & NimahSage)
winner: After LotR

Best Mini Slash
-LotR on Banned Text at Hogwarts? (Steven Cavanagh)
-The Tale of Sir Aragorn; Blatant Monty-Python Rip-Off (Belladonna Brandybuck)
-Terrorist Raid on Moria (Steven Cavanagh)
winner: The Tale of Sir Aragorn

Best Mini Parody
-Lord of the Spam (diamond_of_longcleeve)
-The Secret Diary of Frodo Baggins (Elanoroftheshire)
-The Ultra-Condensed version of LotR (David J Parker & Samuel Stoddard)
winner:Lord of the Spam

Best Slash
-Frodo, Aragorn and the Ring on Jeopardy; God help Alex Trebeck
-Leggy in Purple Sunnies, or an unlikely conversation (Arothorn & NimahSage)
-Ringbearer Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Teens
winner: Leggy in Purple Sunnies

Best Parody
-The Abridged Hobbit (*Elbereth*)
-Lord of the Rings: Breadbox Edition
-The Very Secret Diaries (Cassandra Claire)
winner: The Abridged Hobbit

Best Full-Legnth Parody
-Adventures of the Spandex Brigade (Mali & FlameRaven)
-Lord of the Rings: Hand Puppet Edition (Jerry the Frog Productions)
-Lord of the What? (Belladonna Brandybuck)
winner: Adventures of the Spandex Brigade

Best Song Spoof
-Bloomilicous [Bootylicious] (Elf_Queen)
-Can’t get the ring out of my head [Can’t get you out of my head] (diamond_of_longcleeve)
-Hobbit Boy [Barbie Girl] (Elf_Warrioress)

Best List
-The Female Fellowship (Spack)
-Middle-earth Answering Machines (Spack)
-Top 10 things Al Gore and Sauron have in common
winner: middle-earth answering machines

If you wrote any of these spoofs, and were not notified of the awards, please e-mail


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