The Salon – Chapter 1

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One day Arwen said she had a surprise for the fellowship!! She was going to send them to get their hair cut at a salon. Of course the fellowship was all “no way not in a million years!!”

“Do I have to,” complained Aragorn
“Unless you want me to do it instead, yes you have to!” Arwen said strictly.
“Can you even do that?” Aragorn asked ,amazed.”You know, use that very sharp object to make my hair fall out to the length I like?”
“Nooooooo!!! I want to go to the mall to get some new scented hair gel for my girlfriend,”Legolas lied.”OK,some for me AND my girlfriend!”
“My girlfriend and I,”corrected Gandalf. ” If you’re not going to say it right don’t say it at all!”
“Well ,sorry Mr. I-Think-I’m-All-That,”Legolas said sarcastically.
“Hello! do you guys always have to argue!” Arwen exclaimed.
“Yes,” They said in unison.
“Oh for Pete’s sake,”Arwen said frustratedly.
“Who’s Pete?” asked the four hobbits in unison.
“Let’s go I’m not arguing anymore,”said Arwen.
“How comes no one ever asks me how I feel,”complained Boromir softly.
(The Fellowship of the Ring squeezed into Arwen’s minivan but complained all the way there.)
“Now what have we got here,”asked the hair salonist nervously.
“Here you take them.I’ll be back at 3:00 to pick them up,”said Arwen.”Now you guys behave and please don’t cause anymore trouble!”
(Kisses Aragorn)
“Bye-Bye,”Arwen said happily.
“Good luck,”Arwen whispered to the hair salonist.
(Hair salonist gulps)
“Hi my name is Kay and I can only take one of you at a time.I’ll take you ma’am,”Kay said to Legolas.
“I am a man!!,”Legolas shouted.”Oh, and could you make Gimli go first?”
O.K. thought Kay these people are weird. I mean they expect me to cut that thing’s hair!!!
“Umm…. We only do people here,”Kay explained
“Hi boys! My name is Kate,”said Kate.”Don’t worry Kay I’ll take care of “Gimli”.
(Gimli looks really scared and asked to hold the toy truck to take his mind off the hair trimming)
“O.K. You know what would get all the girls attention?”asked Kate.”NO, well if they could see your face…”
“Not the beard!!”Gimli exclaimed.
“Ok sir would you like to go next?”Kay asked Boromir.
(Man is he hott thought Kay)
“Why not,”shrugged Boromir quietly.
“You know I think you look fine now but how about an inch trim?”asks Kay flirtageously.
“Thanks. I mean sure whatever you think,”Boromir blushes.
(Gimli looks in mirror and screams)
“Help!! I’m bald!!!!!!”Gimli screams.
“It’s not that bad. Some girls like bald men,”Kate explained.
“Next! How about you handsome,”Kate says grinning.
“Sorry miss but I’m married,”Aragorn explains.
“Well,still you’re next,”Kate said disapointedly.
“All done!”said Kay proudly.
“Thanks,”mumbled Boromir.
“Are you always this quiet?”asked Kay
“Most of the time,”Boromir said quietly.
“Well do you think you could call me and we could get together sometime?”asked Kay.
“Sure,”said Boromir a little louder.
“Boro has a girlfriend! Boro has a girlfriend!”chorused Merry and Pippin.
“Who’s next?”asked Kay.
“I would love to go next madam,”Gandalf said politely.
“OK sir,”said Kay.


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