The Osgiliate Dictionary: Vol. 2 – A (Aboraphobia – Azogby Poll)

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A Guide to Tolkien Book and Movie Terms
Second Edition (May, 2004)

CONTRIBUTORS: Alberich, Amphiaraus, andurilwest, Axordil, Celebgalad, cuivienen7, ddraigwen, Edhelwen, Elfkin, eomer32, Farawen, Frelga, harpist_of_rohan, ichjua, Jnyusa, Lady_Niwella, Lee, Lembas_Junkie, make_it_stop, Mighty Squid, NazgulRus, PrincessFaz, Ravennelle, Saradoc, shieldmatron, sh_wulff, SonofShelob, soundtrackman, Stupid_Orcs, Teremia, Texas-Hobbit, TheLidlessEyes, Tulkas_The_Valiant, UienenMaia.

EDITOR: make_it_stop

PROOFREADERS: Alberich, andurilwest, Elfkin, Frelga, NazgulRus, PrincessFaz, Ravennelle, Stupid_Orcs, Texas-Hobbit


Go to Osgiliath (v.) To embark on a long and meaningless detour. To digress, to ramble, to go off on a tangent. Synonym: osgiliate.

The slang term “go to Osgiliath”, derived from Frodo and Sam’s unexpected jaunt to Osgiliath in the film version of “The Two Towers”, was the inspiration behind the original Osgiliate Dictionary. Volume I of the Dictionary was created by posters in the Going to Osgiliath thread on the Movies Forum between May and December of 2003. Compiled by Jnyusa, the first edition focused primarily on TORC-specific slang, and is available elsewhere in the Reading Room.

Volume 2 comprises entries made between January and April of 2004. At the beginning of 2004, the scope of the Osgiliath thread expanded (or “osgiliated”, if you will) to encompass more general Tolkienesque terminology from both the movies and the books. With the completion of the theatrical version of LOTR, which increased the story’s visual range and pop-culture appeal, there was a need for new vocabulary to accurately describe certain Middle Earth phenomena. If you’re searching for an accurate definition of “emyn muil” or “flet”, there are many excellent on-line Tolkien encyclopedias that would be of help in this regard. But if you’re groping for words to describe cranky lembas tantrums, conceited elves, or Gondorian helmet-head, you’ve come to the right place.

Credit and a big thank-you goes to Jnyusa, who originated the Osgiliath thread and encouraged its continuance. The Dictionary is entirely the product of its Contributors and does not represent the opinions of New Line Cinema, Tolkien Estates, or any other large corporate entity with lots of attorneys.


Entries are listed alphabetically. Words are displayed in boldface, followed by the (part of speech) in parentheses, followed by the definition, followed (in most cases) by an example of standard usage in italics. The [poster] who contributed the entry appears underneath, in brackets. In some cases, multiple posters collaborated on an entry, or provided alternate definitions, and these instances are noted. Underlined words refer to other entries in the dictionary.


A: Aboraphobia – Azogby Poll

aborophobia (n.) A fear that has to do with Boromir.
Sean Bean suffers from aborophobia, so he hikes up the mountain instead of riding in the helicopter.

Accursed Ears (n.) Hobbit prosthetics.
Frodo couldn’t hear a ding-dong thing while wearing the Accursed Ears.

adorcable (adj.) 1. to be unbearably cute when wearing an over-large costume.
Frodo and Sam were absolutely adorcable when they decided to don the armor of Mordor.
2. to be dorky but unbearably cute.
Not only is Howard Shore a great talent, but he is also just adorcable!

Aerolingus (n.) Rohan’s brand new fell beast airline service, where the seats are small, the food service is lacking, and the transportation bites . . . in more way than one!

aints (n.) What Merry and Pippin really met. (At least according to purists…)

Amon Din (n.) The noise made by Gondor’s old message relay system:
“Gondor calls for aid!”


Amon Henvy (n.) Daddy said YOU were to be entrusted with the ring. Not the midget.

Amon Sulk (v.) To worry over something insignificant, while remaining oblivious to the real danger. (synonym: “rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic” )
“Oh, that’s real nice,” Pippin amon-sulked as the Black Riders closed around them in a silent ring. “Get ash all over my tomatoes.”

AmonZoo (n.) condition of being wild and out of control.
“This place is an AmonZoo!” yelled the teacher after the room mother had passed out all the marshmallow bunnies and jellybeans to the kindergartners.

Anduraflame (n.) The Artificial Fireplace Log of the West. Forged in the smithies of a giant chemical conglomerate in Bayonne, Anduraflame shattered into toxic briquettes when…oh, never mind. It sounded funnier last night over a pitcher of margaritas.

anduration (n.) Period of time during which a newly-reforged sword is slowly presented, drawn, and worshipped (compare “andoration” ).
The anduration was just long enough for me to run out to the lobby and buy more Goobers.

aniron (n.) An implement used in elven laundromats.

anor-retentive (adj.) fussily meticulous or analytic; expecting others to pay close attention to detail or toe the line.
“You’re a Fool-of-a-Took!” yelled Gandalf.
“Well, at least I’m not anor-retentive like SOME people I know,” retorted Pippin.


aquilate (v.) (from *aquila*, eagle) to save a fictional situation in a way so stunning as to obscure the rescue’s illogic.
I was having so many problems with that screenplay, I just decided to aquilate it; all it took was a nuclear warhead.

aracroon (v.) To sing a ballad at one’s own coronation.
Britney aracrooned at her Vegas wedding.

aragorge (n.) Unusual geologic feature that magically cushions long falls off a cliff.
Good thing you dropped your camera off an aragorge. Oh look, now it gets digital TV as well!

aragornery (adj.) Irritated by requests for second breakfast.
As the children clamored for ice cream in the back seat, Mrs. Postlethwaite began to feel aragornery.

arathorn (n.) a pain in the patooty.

argonathic (adj.) massive in size or content.
If I eat one more Twinkie, my waistline will reach argonathic proportions.

argonausea (n.) a state of being awed and overwhelmed by a magnificent work of human hands or mind.
I have to stay away from the Osgiliath thread, those brilliant entries give me Argonausea.

army-of-the-dead fresh (adj.) Clean and radiantly sparkling, as though recently scrubbed by an effervescent mob of lime-green CGI ghosts.
Wow, your bathroom is so army-of-the-dead fresh!

Arod (AY-rod) (n.) A horse of the Rohirrim inexplicably obsessed with baseball.

arodent (n.) another hybrid creation by Merry, but this time he sinned against nature by cross breeding horses and rats to develop a fast ROUS that not even Wesley can take down.

arwaiver (n.) an act of intentionally relinquishing a known right.
Because of the new Queen of Gondor’s generous Arwaiver, Frodo was able to hitch a ride to the Undying Lands.

arwane (v.) 1. to gradually and illogically fade into sickness.
Aragorn could never fully explain why his true love began to arwane.
2. to gradually and implausibly fade or falter.
Wildwood scoffed at the notion that one’s health could begin to Arwane depending on the fate of the Ring.

arweep (v.) To tremble perpetually on the brink of tears. Often seen in conjunction with bloominous haze and galadiance.
Dude, I totally arwept when Theoden died.

arwenham (n.) A viewer whose physical well-being is tied to the fate of Faramir.
As Denethor poured oil all over his unconscious son, the arwenhams began to perspire and feel faint. Later, at the coronation scene, they perked up.

arwheedle (v.) to entice or beg, using soft words.
We told shieldmatron we were tired of watching her Sean Bean DVDs, but she arwheedled us into seeing them for the 42nd time.

arwhinny (v.) a soft neighing sound made by a loyal horse.
Aragorn was confused when he heard his girlfriend arwhinny after their passionate kiss.

asfaloth (colloq.) an expression which led to the naming of Glorfindel’s horse, derived from oral histories and legends of Middle Earth.
“You want to know the real reason Glorfindel didn’t show up at the Fords?” guffawed Boboffin Barleyfoot. “He got so plastered the night before, every time he tried to leave, his Asfaloth the horse!”
var. Assfelloff (n.) A notoriously unstable elven steed.

asfalothing (n.) when you really can’t stand yourself.
Nick Cage was asfalothing in Las Vegas.

aspidelesis (n.) (<gk. aspis &apos;shield&apos; + elesis &apos;riding&apos;) The act of riding a shield. Also
aspideletize (v.) 1. To ride a shield. 2. (transf.) To perform, in an emergency, a maneuver whose exhibitionist quality entirely overshadows its utility. See also legolate (syn.).
The doctor looked like he was performing CPR, but in fact he was simply aspideletizing.

azogby poll (n.) a scientific sampling of the opinions of Mordorian soldiers.
According to the most recent Azogby Poll: A. the orconomy stinks. B. the barracks stink C. the maggoty bread stinks. D. everyone is deliriously happy with the status quo.


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