The One Burger – The story of an evil Cheeseburger

by Mar 5, 2005Other News

Once upon a time, a ery, very tall man dressed in black went to Mc Donalds. This man’s name was Sauron. He was very very scary, and nobody dared to sit near him. He sat down, and bit his burger. Then a Criminal named Isildur walked up to him, and stabbed his face. He then dropped the burger. Isildur licked the burger.
“My precious..” He said.
Then a skinny man with pointy ears told Isildur to follow him. They took a plane to Asia and went on top of Mount Everest.
“Throw the burger off!! Toss it into the snow!!” Said the man
“No,” said Isildur, “its my precious!!” Then he hoisted it up to his mouth. “No!!! NO!!!” cried the man.
Isildur ate the burger and then he exploded.

Three burgers for the elven-kings, searching for fat,
Seven for the dwarf lords in their halls of condimence.
Nine for the mortal men, doomed to lettuce,
One for the dark cashier on his dark cash register.
One burger to rule them all. One burger to find them. One burger to bring them all and in the oven fry them.
In the land of BK, where the super size lies!!


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