The Music of Middle Earth – One Ring: a Review of the Metrognome Studios CD

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One RingThe Horses hoofs pound the ground, tearing up the red clay that makes up much of the road. Frantically the group looks back, the enshrouded riders are gaining on them. The weather-beaten one urges his small companions on. They must escape.

A council is called. The nine are abroad and the ring is still out there. The master of the house has called all that can to go and look for the ring bearer and his companions. An elf from another time decides to step out of obscurity and ride once more into legend.

The group approaches the river and the one small, frail rider charges across the ford and the black riders follow. What happens next sounds like thunder and the black riders are swept away.

Those are the images I get when I listen to one of the tracks from MetroGnome Studios CD, One Ring. The themes in this CD range from the almost too cute Shire with the obligatory firework closing the piece off to the disgusting piece called ‘The Sneak’.

MetroGnome has gone a bit further and has created one of the most inspiring CDs based on Tolkien Middle Earth tales. It is my hope that Peter Jackson gives these guys a fare run in his lineup of music that he has received for his new movies. If the music is as good as this or better, the Soundtrack to the Movies will be worth buying. Unless it has an Aerosmith song on it (don’t get me wrong I like Aerosmith, I just can’t see them hanging with Sam and company).

The edition of the CD that I received is the Limited Edition, if you can still pick this edition up and it is well worth it. Next July they will release Part II to all those who own the Limited Edition.

The Limited Edition is numbered and signed by the artists. (I have number 96.) It is my hope that this CD marks an increased interest in Tolkien and his works.


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