The Modren Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring – Chapter 3

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Frodo turned in his chair from looking at the now non-smoking Ranger. Merry sat down at the table, holding a larger-than-life sized Beer mug. Pippin asked: “What’s that?”
“This, my friend, is a gallon.” Came his friend’s reply. “A gallon? It comes in gallons?… I’m getting one!” “You’ve had a whole HALF already!” Sam called after Pippin, who was making his way to the bar. Frodo suddenly drew the Ring out of his pocket and began to finger it slowly. The ring seemed
to be calling him… “baggins…baggins… BAGGINS!” Suddenly
Frodo stopped. A man at the bar, who was watching a football game on the television behind the bar, asked Pippin a question pertaining to the name of one of the players. ” Ya know,” He said, “That player there has an interesting name.
Baggins… have you ever heard of the name “Baggins” before?” “Baggins?” Pippin said, somewhat drunkenly. “Sure I know a Baggins!” Frodo whirled around. “He’s right over there!” Pippin waved drunkenly at Frodo. “FRODO Baggins! He’s my second cousin, on his Mother’s side..” Pippin was even giving away his family history! Then, of course, the Ring thing happened, blahblahblah… (Let’s skip to where Frodo takes off the Ring.) Frodo reappeared under a table. Strider grabbed his shirt collar. “You draw too much attention, Mr. BAGGINS!” He said, and yanked him all the way up to a room. He released Frodo, tossing him on the floor. “I’ll sue!” Frodo said in anger. Strider ignored him. Strider gave his speal on disappearing. Then he asked: “Are you frightened?” “Yes.” “Well you should be! ’cause you’re on SCARE TACTICS!!”
To be continued…


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