The Modren Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring, chapter 1

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We don’t need to tell ya ’bout Bilbo’s B-day, so let’s get into Sam, Frodo, Merry, and Pippin travelin’ to Bree, starting with Shortcut to mushrooms.

“A shortcut to what?” “Mushrooms!”
The hobbits ran forward, (except Frodo) to the mushrooms and began eating them hungerly. Frodo stood up and said,
“Uh…I think we should get off the road…” They ignored him.
I think we should get off the ROAD!!!” They ignored him more. ” GET OFF THE DARN ROAD!!!” Then they moved to a dark area under a tree, and then VrrrOOOOOMMMMM!!! A rider, robed in black, armed with a sub-machine gun skidded to a stop over them. Bugs come out, its REALLY freaky, Mr. Frodo, don’t put it on, usual stuff. The Black Motorcycler rides off. ( My Gosh, this is fast. ) The Hobbits run off into the nearby forest. ” What was that? ” Asks Pippin. ” That Black Cycler was looking for something, or someone.” Says Merry.
” Frodo?” ” Sam and I must get to Bree. ” says Frodo. “Right…” says Merry. A second later another Black Rider shows up. The Hobbits run. VROOM, VRROOOOMMM!!!
They run into another. VROOOMM!!! They run towards Buckelberry ferry with it’s snazzy little motorboat, but Frodo can’t get away from the Cycler. ” Run, Frodo!” They (the Hobbits) were calling. “Run!” And run he did, slipping past the Cycler and began dashing to the Boat. The Rider screeched and whipped out it’s gun…Pang!BANG!SWOP! CLITTER, CLATTER, BANG! “Jump Frodo!” The hobbits called. Bang! SWop. CLITTER, CLATTER, RAt-tat-TAt-tit- TAT!!! ” Jump!” And, so, Frodo jumped, barely making it onto the boat.
Too be continued…


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