The Modern Trilogy – The Fellowship of the Toering, Part 1

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Frodo looked up from his tablet PC. He heard some rap music in the background. Guessing it was Gandalf, he starts running in the direction of the sound, letting the Tablet PC conveniently dissapear.
As he nears the sound, he plugs his ears, and stares at the green jeep in front of him. “You’re late.” The hippie in the torn up, dirt smudged pants looked up at him. “Dude, a hippie is never late, Frodo Baggins, like, neither is he early, he comes when he wants to.” Frodo hopped into the jeep, pulls out his gameboy, and starts playing “Zelda”.
Gandalf kept pestering Frodo how Bilbo was doing, but Frodo answered “I got to a really tough part in Zelda, lemm just finish this one part, k?” Gandalf groaned, and concentrated on getting to the Wall-mart up ahead. Saruman had given Gandalf a list of products for his nails, because the supply at Orthanc was running out.
Frodo began jumping in his seat, “I’m so happy, I’m almost done with the game!”, and bounced off the jeep into the pavement. Gandalf gave a sigh of relief, but Frodo kept on screaming out for his tablet PC, which had reappeared in Gandalfs’ lap. Gandalf ignored him, and drove considerably faster.

* * *

After a long talk with Gandalf, Bilbo invited him to the Birthday party. Gandalf immediately mingled in with all the hippie hobbits doing the disco, so Bilbo snuck over to talk to Frodo. “Frodo, Ii didn’t adopt you because I was kind.” Frodo began pouting, “I don’t care, Gandalf stole my tablet PC.” Bilbo pursued him, “That’s not the point, I really only adopted you for your Zelda game.” Frodo replied “Well, I don’t care, I want my Tablet PC!”. Bilbo groaned loudly, and left to inspect what two hobbits were doing in Gandalf’s tent. They had lit a firework inside a tent, that caused the tent to fly up into the air and explode. Due to Bilbo’s perspective, he thought (As well as everybody in the theater) that the two hobbits had exploded too As the dragon swooped down onto all the disco-ers, Bilbo caught sight of Gandalf grabbing the two hobbits by the ears, who mysteriously landed right next to him.

A few hobbits decided to get Bilbo to do a speech. During the speech, Frodo noticed that Bilbo had bent forward to put someting on his foot. Frodo passed it off as Bilbo tying his shoes, but it struck him only a moment later that Hobbits didn’t ever use shoes. Unfortunate for him, Bilbo dissapeared, leaving the entire crowd of Hobbits surprised.


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