THE LOTR OSCARS!!!!!! – the best. book version

by Mar 22, 2006Other News

And now,the moment very few of you have been waiting for,THE LOTR OSCARS! Best ringbearer goes to……… Bilbo Baggins! Nominees were as follows.Frodo Baggins,Sam Gamgee, Sauron and Isildur .

Best support goes to Sam Gamgee,hands down.Nominees,all Fellowship. Most valiant:ummmmmm. hmm. It was tied,all cast.

Sorry.Moving on.Coolest villian wasarth Maul? Hey! Wait a minute!Who’s been oh. thats better.Now, let’s see…..Ah. Thats better .Says…..GOLLUM!(wild cheers.) Nominees were Sauron,Saruman,Grima Wormtounge,Bill Ferny,Ted Sandyman and the Sackville-Baginses. Best team was a tie between Sam&Frodo,Merry&Pippin and Legolas&Gimli.

Last:Most fangirls:tie Legolas and Frodo won,and oh wait another Mary-Sue vote,settling it.Legoles won. Sorry Frodo fans. until next time,folks! Goodbye!


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