The Lord of the Rings Research Project – “Where, in your imagination, is Middle-earth?”

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From Christine (thanks!):

I thought subscribers to Tolkien Online might be interested in the following research project conducted by University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK.  Their stated aim is as follows.

Where, in your imagination, is Middle-earth?

Welcome to the Lord of the Rings research project – the largest international audiences project ever undertaken. We want to find out how film-goers across the world are responding to the final part of the trilogy.

It is very rare for film viewers to be listened to. We are researchers in universities across the world who are trying to remedy this. In particular we are very interested in the issue of `fantasy’. Politicians, moralists, critics often try to tell us whether this is good for us. We want your views on this. We want to know how it matters to you. There are no gimmicks, no prizes for completing our questionnaire. But by completing it, you will be adding to everyone’s understanding. What did The Lord of the Rings do for you? Why do films like this matter to you? What do you hope for in them?

This is not commercial research. We have met with New Line Cinema and explained what we are doing, but we are completely independent of them. Eventually we will publish all our findings. This is the biggest project like this there has ever been – so it will take some time to analyse all the materials we are gathering. But everything we learn will become your property when we have finished.

It will take you just a few minutes to fill in the questionnaire. Thanks! And if you point some other people to it, we will be very grateful!! We are hoping for more than 100,000 responses.

The web site address for the project is

Head on over and fill out the questionnaire if you’d like!


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