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There was once a great battle with man and elve’s along with dawrfs and ghost’s side by side fighting millions of orc’s and Saron fordged a evil ring with all his evil power and horrible curse’s,it was to only listen and obey it’s lord , Saron. They were fighting when they though that there was enough hope to win saron with his all powerfull
ring that rules them 1/3 of their army out . Out of No where
Icsealeodor’s father takes him on and and is is knocked down by Saron.
“NOOO” screams Icsealeodor , and runs after to care for his
father. Slowly Saron walks up to him and silently shows no
mercy . He brought up the sword that his father drew . Saron smash’es it . Thinking in Icsealeodor mind is anger and
fright . He rapidly slices of Saron’s finger and destroyed him but the ring was not yet destroyed . They then had the
to destroy the ring of all evil in the fire’s it was fordged ,
Mt. Doom . But because of the disire of power and the amount of greedyNess .The ring called him and tricked him
to not destroy it , because if the ring is still alive Saron is not
dead , but cannot take psyichal form( for a very very long time). AS he was riding his horse he was ambushed by ocrs
from Mordor . He put on the ring and fled to the river next to him , But the ring betrayed him. It was left at the bottom of the river , but these things should have never be forgoten.
Over 1000 years later a creature frodo along with his friends sam, merry, and pippin found the ring and used it for their own pleasure. 30 years after those times a Criomei( what
gollum is ) went adventure and found that ring and stole it from the four hobbits , Fringloe( the Criomei) was terriosided
Fringloe got away .
Chapter one
(Smeagol happily lives in the fryer until black riders are after him( more the ring) and he travels to Rivendell and meets other creatures there . A man Aragorn, an Elf Legolas, A Dwarf Gimli , another man Boromier , four hobbits . and a Wizard Gandalf( the Grey and white) Smeagol volenteers to take the ring to mordor and destory it. The Creatures there swore an oath to protect Smeagol).

Skip a couple Chapter( and just make it short)
They walk around for a while and do a little bit of fightingand split up”bye .. bye .. l8r dude .. fairwell” they said to each other.

Chapter 47
“We’s almost their .. you see that hobbitesss we’s almost there”!!! Said Smeagol proudly and full of excitement. Then the all evil ring talks to Smeagol” You dont need them , we can have fun and keep it for ourself . Kill the hobbits and take off with it ” . ” yesss .. yessss .. no no no to risky the
fat one knows and so do the stupid ones” Smeagol said changing his mind back and fourth. ” Alright what ever man just make up your mind or I’LL DO IT FOR YOU” said the ring furiously. Smeagol thought about it ” hmm oks we’s will runs away from the hobbitsessbut no killing to risky.

Chapter 48
“smeagol what are you doing “? said frodo. ” Umm im just shaving . yeah shavings thats all” said smeagol making something up off the top of his head. ” OK , well hurry up we’re almost there and we’re trying not to make many stops”!!
! “OK Hobittesess what ever you say”. Then Frodo said to samm , merry , and pippin under his voice , ” what in the world is shaving?” I dont know but it probbably has something to do with second breakfest.” Said merry.
“All done hobbitesess , ready to go now.” All of a sudden Smeagol takes out the ring and plays with it and does a happy dance with it. Then a Tortall walks up , slowly and eats the ring and then it spits out the chain the hung it around it neck. ” NOOOOO .. Stupid smeagol you are so stupid” said sam screaming out condecendingly. ” Cut it out sam give him a chance.” said frodo with pitty in his voice,
” STUPID DUMB SMEAGOL You Ruined everything” said
Frodo out of control . Then Mt. Doom burns out and is now just a mountain and not a volcanio . Fortuanttly the ring was in the tortall’s stomach and there lies fire that was in the crack of mt.doom but and is destroyed, but unfortantlly for it to be complete the tortall has to die and tortall’s cant die. So now there is only half and eye of mordor and half of the orcs .But when things were looking good, ( Saromin who was once a good wizard turned bad and was killed ) Now he was brought back to life and made 1million ocrs were born. Now 8000000000000000000000 ghost fight willingly for the good side and somehow the ghost’s killed the Tortall and everything bad was destroyed and everyone live happily ever after until Smeagol destroys all middle earth by going back in time through the Unknow powered cyclone storm .. accedntailly .. and brought back all the ocrs from all time .” I want MY PRECSIOUS .. WHAAAAAAAaAAARRAAAAAAAAA!!”

And Thats the End


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