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by Jan 15, 2001Other News rates “the best of all sites” devoted to the upcoming trilogy — although many of the most popular sites, including ours, aren’t even listed.

Three ‘Ring’ Circus

by Noah Robischon

Entertainment Weekly

There is now one website to rule them all: the official Lord Of The Rings Trilogy site. The movie, which stars Elijah Wood as Frodo, Sir Ian McKellen as Gandalf, and Liv Tyler as Arwen, isn’t out until Christmas, but Web heads have been buzzing about the epic directed by Peter Jackson (”The Frighteners”) for the past year. Friday’s relaunch of the website, which is so detailed it includes a discussion of the hair color on Frodo’s feet translated into 10 different languages (not including High-Elven), marks the beginning of the most ambitious online movie promotion to date — and it’s growing like Dark Lord Sauron’s army.

The interactive map of Middle Earth will continue to be updated — and will be complete only when the last movie in New Line’s $270 million trilogy, ”Return of the King,” is released in 2003. Every crew member, right down to the 13th grip, will be spotlit on the site, which will include special areas that can be viewed only by visitors using a Hobbit friendly ”Rings” browser. What’s more, the studio is forming a digital age fellowship of the Rings with more than 400 fan run destinations around the globe in an attempt to rival ”Star Wars” in popularity. But the hype could prove hard for even Gandalf to live up to, especially given the competition in the mystical entertainment world from a young wizard named Harry Potter. Still, the news breaking zeal found on Imladris: Lord of the Rings Movie News or Ringzone will only become more frenzied as the release date draws nigh.

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