The Last of the Mary Sues – The Tale of the Last Mary Sue to Reach Middle Earth

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There have been many tales about people going to Middle Earth, often as Mary Sues (perfect girls who get the man of their choice). Most of these, however, end up in parallel universes or never set foot of the page. This is the tale of the last of the few to actually reach Middle Earth, and the last of the Mary Sues.

When she landed, fresh and young, on the table at the feast of Rivendell, it caused quite a stir. All eyes were upon her, and all marveled at her beauty, and deemed it so great they would suspect her of no trickery. The men salivated, and seeing the direction of Aragorn’s eyes, Arwen Undomiel, though she knew it was ridiculous, was for a moment, jealous.

There was no complaint or argument when she accompanied the Fellowship of the Ring, and though Aragorn, Legolas, and Boromir hungered after her, Frodo would let none touch her.

She was much more mature by the time Frodo and Sam left for Mordor alone, and when she left with them, the rest of the company felt better that she was with the two. Indeed, her very presence managed to assuage even Frodo and Sam’s fears a bit.

Alas, when the lembas ran low, she sacrificed herself so that they might not hunger, yet her sweet memory remained with all forever.

And so ended the tale of the last Mary Sue, the only turkey and cheese sandwich to make it from our world to their’s.

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