The Journey in the Future – The Beginning

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It all happened when Frodo decided to go into the future. He was in high school and was very very short. That was where he meet his best friends the only ones who were like him. They were hobbits. They had aslo tried to go into the future, Their names were Pippin, Merry and Sam. They were in band. Nerds of course. Then there was Legolas, Aragon, Gimli, and Gandalf. Legolas was on the baseball team. He was good at hitting grand slams. He was so strong and powerful all the girls loved him! Aragorn was captain of the football team and Gimli was a teacher at the Jr. High in the little town of Rosedale. They liked it there. It was peaceful and a nice town.

“Hey Sam, do you know what music we are playing for our marching show next year?”

“Now Mr. Frodo, how on earth do you expect me to know that when the directors have said nothing about it yet?”

“Sam! Back off!”

Merry and Pippin were in the cafeteria before the ten mintue bell rang. They were stuffing their faces with donuts and bagels and pastries. They really liked the sweets. They saw Aragon aproaching them so they kinda slowed down on the eating alittle. They new that trouble was about to be started.

“So….does any one in here know who was messing around with my girl?”

Merry and Pippin didnt want to stay for the fight since they new they would most likley get stepped on and no one would know because the are so small. Of course because they are getting up from the table and walking off Aragon thinks hey have a guilty conscience and goes after them.

“You two! You been messin’ with my girl?”

“No sir, we havent. We dont even know who she is.”

“Ok then go! Get out of my sight!”

They ran to the band hall relived they didnt get pounded.

Poor Gimli was stuck over at the Jr High. He was sitting in his desk griping. He was talking to himself. He didnt realize it until a kid walked in. He gave Gimli a “What….on…….” stare. Gimli had a hard time with the kids. He wasnt really a kids kinda dwarf and still couldnt figure out why he got this job.

“Ok kids sit down and be quiet! Today we are going to be learning how to solve equations.”

The room filled with moans and aww mans.

“Its not that bad and you are going to have to do it anyways so get over it!”

They all got quiet and listened.

Through out the day they made Gimli laugh and he made them laugh. They seemed to really like him.

Legolas was stuck in baseball practice after school that day. He didnt want to be there, he wanted to be with Aragorn and Gimli doing something totally crazy. The pitcher pitched him the ball. He hit another grand slam. The girls in the stands all cheered him on and were chanting “Leg-o-las! Leg-o-las!”
He was beet red.

After school that day they all went to Rusty’s Pizza Parlor and ate some pizza.

“May I take your order?”

Frodo looked at the mans name tag and said “Yes Gandalf, we would like to have to large five topping pizza with extra cheese and sauce.”

“Ok little one I will have that right out”

“Thank you sir.”

“Youre very welcome.”

As they sat there and ate their pizza and talked about their day, they had all decided the next day would be a bigger and better adventure.


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