The Horrible Strike – by snowlass

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“I sensed something,”said Gimli, tugging his beard nervously. “Someone…or something…is following us from behind.”

“Leave it,”said Gandalf wisely.”It will not harm you, Gimli son of Gloin.But I cannot ensure the safety of others.”He casted a meaningful side glance at Aragorn, Frodo and lastly, Legolas.

Gimli, slightly put out by Gandalf’s airyfairy words, turned to Frodo for support, just to find him deep in conversation in Aragorn and Legolas.

“They will strike tonight,”said Frodo,”nothing can keep them away.”

” At least they warded off the orcs,and the whole horde of Uruk-hais” retorted Legolas, who is just as nervous of ‘their’ coming.

” Nah,they themselves are ten times more horrible than orcs…we three are in deep trouble.”said Aragorn,”but they’ll take you first, Legolas;for you are the fairest among us.”

Frodo seemed comforted by these predictions.”They used to be sweet, lovely creatures; but the prospect of seeing a whole horde of them makes me quail.”

“I’d prefer having a cup of tea with Sauron,”replied Legolas,”I’ve had too much of them.”

Gimli was downright haunted by the conversation. What can be more horrible than “having a cup of tea with Sauron?” Why are Aragorn ,Frodo and Legolas bearing the business to themselves? “What are these treacherous creatures that haunted my friends?”he boomed out,”we shall defend to the last, or die in the battle!”

Legolas smiled grimly,his fair golden hair shimmering in the cloudness night. “They are coming” said he, “we can stop them not.” Even when he spoke those words a thunderous noise made of a thousand footfalls rang. Gimli held his axe, unable to see clearly what “they” were in the dark night;some of them had long hair on their head, and some of them not; it was not till the repeated calling rang that Gimli finally knew what “they” refers to…

“Oh marry me Legolas!!” “Orlando you’re hot!”
“I love you Frodo!” “You are CUTE Elijah!”
“Oh, Viggo!” “Are you there my Aragorn?”

“Oh,”groaned Gimli,”GIRLS!”


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