The Hobbit: A Play in One Act – The Script

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The e-mail speaks for itself. If anybody plans on using this please let us know here at The One Ring. I’d love to hear people’s stories about this production. Also make sure to contact Tom Louie if you plan on using it as well. His e-mail is at the bottem of the this.

I also have Tom’s Spanish version of this play and I’m working on converting it to HTML. That version will be up shortly.

What I have here, is an adaptation of The Hobbit, in English and Spanish, that I wrote for my fourth-grade students. I prepared them for it by reading them the David Wenzel comic-book adaptation. We practiced singing “The Bath Song” and “The Ents’ War Song”, and I entertained them by feigning mock horror on hearing the “Ring Rhyme.” I also tantalized them by making allusions to “the other story.” They liked the image of crazy trees chasing after a wizard and calling him “Tree-killer!”

For the play, we did three performances in English (for other classes) and one in Spanish (for their parents). I let girls play major characters, of course–one very short girl donned a fabric beard to play Thorin. (I guess now you know where I stand on Peter Jackson’s interpretation of Arwen!) We painted five large backdrops, wrapped a couple dozen rulers in foil for swords and axes, and I showed them how to stage a mock sword-fight without actually hitting or hurting anyone. At curtain call, we used the “bath song” music for Bilbo’s “road song.”

I intend to stage this production every year, in hopes of igniting a new Tolkien craze among the young. Just in time for the movies!

If there are any other elementary-school teachers out there, please feel free to use my adaptation. I only ask that you credit the adapter (me)! If anyone stages this with their class, I would love to receive tapes or photos of the production. I would also love to hear people’s comments, at

—Tom Louie


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