The Grand Event 2003 – The Gathering of the Fellowship – Tolkien Fans Come Together for All Three Movies

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The 2003 Grand Event – The Gathering of the Fellowship

There is definitely a buzz going around Tolkien circles!! The Gathering of the Fellowship is a Grand Event that is being planned for the release of the final LOTR movie, The Return of the King.

52 Tolkien Online members and 41 members have signed on to the Tolkien Express so far and wish to join other TORC’ers and RB’ers in seeing all 3 films together at one location! Our Event is in the Planning and Development Stages as we are picking a city to host this event and working on getting all the details together! This Grand Council is busy preparing and compiling information to make this a successful fan related event! We hope to have Tolkien-inspired artwork and merchandise from both sites to show at the 2003 Grand Event. We are asking all fans to hop on the Tolkien Express and join other Tolkien Fans in a celebration of these wonderful Films.

We hope to have a Pre-Meeting or Luncheon and offer some sort of Accomodation packages to those who will travel very far to be part of this wonderful Gathering!! Most of us highly anticipate meeting fellow Tolkienites and sharing the awesome Films… All three of them in one long and wonderful day of Tolkien Films and fanfare!! We also plan to coordinate meetings the day before and after the Grand Event, so those attending, may want to plan on 3 days to spend with fellow Tolkien Fans!!

The Planners and Coordinators currently hold weekly meetings to discuss development and planning. We have started to communicate our hopes in emails and letters and we are positive that this Grand Event – The Gathering of the Fellowship (‘GOTF’) , will draw more attention as the date grows nearer for the final release date! A letter has been sent to Peter Jackson announcing our Event and we hope to recieve a response very soon! All are welcome to sign up, join and offer help by visiting the Message Board Thread and posting your interest in attending the Grand Event. Or by emailing Parador_J, or Healer Chick. See the Links below and look for updates! The Website is a great place to see the ongoing agendas:
Official Website

There is no doubt that this will draw a much bigger crowd as the months pass!! We hope to offer T-shirts and Merchandise through both Enthusiast Online sites and spur on more attendees and sponsorship. A Tolkien Fan Gathering and a great day of LOTR Movies is sure to be a hit! Here is what some of our Grand Council Members had to say about the expected outcome of this event…

This will be a once-in-a-lifetime Event. At no time before has there been an occasion for Tolkien fans to gather in this way, and it will probably not be repeated for years (maybe decades) to come. As a fan of Tolkien and his wonderful book, how can I pass up an opportunity to be a part of it all? There is no doubt. I NEED to be involved.” ~ Speaker-to-Animals

The Fans of Tolkien will gather… whether it is in the 100’s or 1000’s… the spirit of Tolkien will be a beacon, to all who want to attend… this chance of a lifetime! ~ Parador_J

The thing I anticipate the most is getting to meet many of my online friends in person. I will be able to see the movies again after the event. I will not be able to say that about my friends. The chosen location will only effect how long it will take me to get there because I am going no matter where it is.” ~ Frodo_Took

Planning Committee and Grand Council for the GOTF:
Aerin, EntwifeLost, FlameofAnor / Ringbearer Event
Frodo Took, Harvestar, IsildursHeir, Parador~J, Speaker-To-Animals, Tarina / Ringbearer Event , Tuile / Ringbearer Event, Harvestar, Isildurs Heir, DaveyJoe and Armenelos. There are also many volunteers and helpers who are coming forward to offer their services and time!!

The Official Website – Gathering of the Fellowship:
Includes plan developments and recent changes in the ongoing plans!! As well as ongoing updates by Speaker!
Official Gathering Site

The Grand Event Gathering Of The Fellowship – Sign Up Thread at TORC:
Sign Up!

The City Nomination Thread:
Nominate a City


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