The Fellowship Goes To: Mountain Creek!

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(The Fellowship is all inside Aragorn’s huge red Hummer, except for Legolas who had a hard time stuffing his tube In the back of the truck.)

Legolas: Go the heck….IN THERE!!!!
(Finally gets the tube in there, only everyone’s seat gets pushed up.)
Frodo: Cool!
(Legolas squeezes into the backseat with Boromir, Gimli, and Frodo)
Aragorn: Everybody ready?
Everyone: Yeah!
Aragorn: Off to Mountain Creek!
(Drives out of drive-way)
Pippin: How long is this going to take?
Aragorn: Uh…Probably about 30 minutes.
Merry: That’s a long time!
Gimli: Here, take the map and follow where we’re going…Or if you two can’t even do that, then look at the pretty lines.
( Merry and Pippin are soon dazed at the colorful lines on the map )
Boromir: Hey, Gandalf, turn on some tunes!
(Gandalf ignores him)
Boromir: Hello! Did you hear me you old fart?
(Gandalf is listening to Candy Shop on his CD-player)
(Sam gets up and takes the head-phones off him. Gandalf screams like a little girl, nonstop. )
Frodo: Give them back to him, PLEASE!
(Sam slaps them back on. Gandalf stops)
Sam: You’re hopeless…

(Soon the Fellowship reaches the water park)
Legolas: Better get the tube!
(Legolas get’s out and pulls out his tube. Everyone’s seat jerks back)
Frodo: Cool!
(Merry and Pippin get out of truck and don’t feel to well)
Merry: I’m going to puke…
Pippin: Blame Gimli for giving us that hypnotizing map and making us car-sick…oOOOhhh…
(Gandalf dances out of the car)
Gandalf: I take you to the Candy Shop…nanana…Keep going’ ’till you hit the spot, WOAH….
Aragorn: Just to make this easier and so we won’t get lost. Uhhh… Boromir, Gandalf, Pippin, and Merry, you’ll be one group.
I, Legolas, Gimli, Frodo, and Sam will be the other. OK, split up!
Boromir: Yay! I wanna go to the wave pool!
Merry: Good for you…

(Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli are on line for the H2O-No! A reeeaaally high jump off)
Legolas: I wish that Avanwe was here…I’m having a spaz attack!
(Legolas starts to suck his thumb)
Gimli: You baby…A real man faces his fears!
Supervisor: Alright, Sir, you’re next.
(Gimli sits down on the cold watery slide and looks down wide-eyed)
Gimli: Oh Jeez…..
Legolas: Who’s the baby now? Ha!
Gimli: I’ll show you two women!
(Slides down and makes a huge splash that covers everyone. It takes him about 30 seconds for him to swim back up. Aragorn and Legolas start to crack up)
Gimli: (Gasping for breath) See…That’s a man’s way of….doing it! Oh, God…Ack!
Supervisor: Next–
(Aragorn jumps off instead of sliding. ” I believe I can fly… “Does a belly-flop)
Aragorn: oooooOOOOOOooooow!!!!!
(Legolas cracks up)
Supervisor: Your next, Ma’am.
Legolas: I’m a man!
Gimli: Yeah, I’ll believe that when I see it! GET A HAIR-CUT!!!
Legolas: Shut-up…Fat hog…Oooh man, I can’t do this….

(Gandalf sits on a chair and listens to Candy Shop)
Boromir: Weeeee!!!!
(Boromir is jumping and playing in the wave pool)
Boromir: Pippin! Merry! Watch what I can do! WEEEEEEE!!!!!!
Pippin: That’s great.
Merry: Oooh.Ahhh. Now, what shall we do?
Pippin: River rapids!
(A few moments later)
Merry: Curse these long lines!
Pippin: Then let’s just cut into the front. We’re so small they won’t notice!
Merry: Good idea…You have a good idea…Cool…
Pippin: (Confused)
Merry: Ready, Pip?
Pippin: Hope so…
Supervisor: There ya go boys, and wear your vests!
Both: Yes, Ma’am!
(They get dragged by a hook up a hill)
Merry: Whooooo!
Pippin: I’m pumped! Woo!!
Merry: Me too!
(Reach top, then….)
Both: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!
(Going crazy down river rapids)
Merry: This is awesome!
Pippin: (still screaming from before) AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
(Merry eventually falls out of the inflatable raft)
Pippin: Merry?!!
(After ride is over, Pippin gets out and waits for the hobbit. Merry soon pops out of the water with an over-inflated life-vest)
Pippin: Merry! You’re alive!
Merry: Am I ever! That was wicked!
(Both start to laugh)

(Sam and Frodo are next on line for High Anxiety)
Frodo: This’ll be SO cool!
Sam: I’m ready!
(3 hot women in bikini’s are behind them. One with blonde hair, one with black hair, and one with red hair)
Black Haired Woman: Hey guys. Are you two by yourselves on this ride?
Sam: Y-y-yes…
Blonde Haired Woman: Mind if we join? We have 3 people and you have 2 and the minimum is 5. Is that OK?
Frodo: Sure!
Sam: Yeah!
Supervisor: You five together?
3 Women and 2 Hobbits: Yeah.
(All sit down)
Red Haired Woman: This will be so cool!
(When they go down everyone screams. When ride is over, somehow Frodo’s swimming trunks came off)
3 Women: (Giggles)
Sam: Frodo! BY GOD! Where are your trunks!
Frodo: Huh…Oh!
Sam: Let’s go find Strider!

(Merry and Pippin are walking to where Frodo and Sam are and start to laugh)
Pippin: Where’s your trunkies Frodo?
Frodo: Dunno… (Covers self with towel)
Sam: It’s alright Frodo; we’ll find you some new trunks!
Merry: (rolling on floor laughing)

(All go to where Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli are)
Merry: Where’s Legolas?
Aragorn: (points across pool of water up by the really high slide. Legolas is dangling there. A bunch of Life-Guards and Supervisors are there trying to help him up)
Gimli: Poor lad, I almost feel sorry about calling him a woman…Nah! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Life-Guard: Alright, Madam, Give me your hand!
Legolas: NO! I’m a MAN!!!!
Everybody: HAHAHAHAHA!!!
(They eventually get him up)

(In the red hummer. Aragorn closes door)
Aragorn: Well…
Aragorn: I don’t want to hear a word the whole entire way home, got it?
Everyone: Yes.
(Driving away)
Gandalf: I take you to the Candy Shop….WOAH…..
Everyone: GANDALF!
Gandalf: What! What!……….When are we getting to Mountain Creek?….
Gandalf: WHAT???



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