‘The Dark Sunset’…..Part Two – Father and Daughter

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The sun arose and it was a beautiful day in the city of Annuminas. The air was crisp and cold, but the sky was still clear. King Elessar sat in a council room with one of his chief councillors, arguing as usual, over country borders.
“…….We have given the Shire too much of Arnor’s land! If we give them anymore pretty soon there will be no Arnor left!!” A man named Dagnir told the King. He was a well respected man. His clothes were fancy and he looked wealthy. He had dark hair,as most people in Arnor do, and his eyes were grey. He was a stubborn man, but was very well thought of in Annuminas.
“Dagnir…..I assure you that the small bit of land we are donating to the Shire will make no impact on the size of Arnor.” Elessar told him. He was becoming frustrated with this man. It was not that he disliekd him he was just rather annoyed.
The door to the council room crept open. Eldarion entered the room, his cheeks rosy, his nose red, and his short hair a little bit rustled from the wind. He was drenched, head to toe, in water. His clothes sagged low to the ground as water dripped from his shirt and fell to the ground. Before anyone could say anything a puddle was surrounding his feet. He may have been soaking wet and unreasonably cold, but he was none the less smiling.
Elessar spoke up,”Eldarion….may I ask why you are completely covered in water?”
“Yeah you er..see…um….I was um…..You see I was at the lake…and…I er fell in the water?” Replied the prince.
His father raised an eyebrow at him, “Well whatever happened, go change into some dry clothes.” As much as the king wanted to explode laughing at his son right now, he had to fight the urge to do so infront of Dagnir.
Eldarion nodded and ran into another room to change out of his wet clothes into dry ones. A few seconds after Eldarion was out of the room a knock came from the door. Elessar got up to open, and as he did a young girl stood infront of the room waiting patiently. Elessar looked at the girl in befuzzlement,” Can I help you?” He asked her.
There girl smiled,”I was hoping you could, m’lord. You see, that man sitting over there….” She pointed to Dagnir,”Was requested home by his wife and his daughter for supper. ANd I was just curious as to if they could have him back?”
Dagnir got up and walked over to the girl. He put his hand on her shoulder,”This is my daughter, M’lord. Her name is Moruial.”
Elessar looked at her,”Dark sunset……tis a beautiful name. It certainly does fit her, very well. Anyways…..yes you may have him back.” He smiled.
Moruial and Dagnir walked out of the council together laughing and talking to each other. Smiles broad upon their faces.
Eldarion walked into the room in dry clothes and saw Moruial walking with Dagnir. He didn’t know it was her father, but he then saw the resemblence in the two. He dare not tell his father that he was in love with the woman. Elessar turned to Eldarion,”So tell me, really, why were you drenched in water?”
Eldarion went as white as a sheet and his eyes popped open. He turned to his father and began to nervously laugh. Was he going to tell him the truth? Was he going to tell him so soon that he was in love Moruial. No, Eldarion didn’t give up the fight that easily. Not yet atleast. He had to go the hard way. Quickly he told his father a lie, that he was walking on the banks of the water and tripped on a large rock in the ground. Though his father didn’t believe him he let the boy get away with it, this time. And only this time.


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