The Contemporary Forging of Vilya – Creating the Ring of Air

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A few days ago I received some images from “Finarfin” that caught my attention and piqued my curiousity–it seemed that “Finarfin” had taken on himself the task of recreating Vilya, the Ring of Air held by Elrond and one of the three Rings of Power forged by the Elves. I asked for the story behind the creation of this wonderful memento from Middle-earth, and received this impressive tale. Read on!

Vilya – an interpretation.
My fiancé and I are getting Married on 10/5/2002. We’ve been together for eight years, it is time. Yes, we’re a little slow.

Anyway, I needed a ring right? So one night while I was online here at TORC [Tolkien Online – ed.], she came in and we began to talk about the wedding. That was the night I had found the Badali site where they sell great copies of ‘The One Ring’. I jokingly told her I should get ‘The One Ring’ to have as my wedding band, we laughed and forgot about it. Or so I thought. The subject came up again a few days later and I said to her, “sure that would be pretty neat.” As the weeks rolled by and I looked at the Badali site again and again I began to think this might not be appropriate for a wedding band. `The One Ring’, a simple gold band with Runes that say the famous, “One ring to rule them all.” It would be cool except for one thing. It’s evil!!! I can’t have an evil ring be a token of my everlasting love to my betrothed! Ouch! I considered the Karmic applications and knew this was not the right symbolism. I had to consider alternatives.

“What about the Elven Rings?” I said and tore for my ragged copy of The Lord of the Rings. My first thought was Nenya, worn by Galadriel, but do you know what “.a great white stone flickering like a frosty air”, would have cost? I do, the fiancé wears one as her engagement ring! Three months salary! On to the next one, Narya the Great. Ummm, .and the stone upon it was red as fire. Red stone equals Ruby. I don’t like rubies. That left “.Vilya, mightiest of the three.” DOH! Well that was easy. …a ring of gold with a great blue stone! I love blue! My eyes are blue. I wear a watch who’s face is blue. I wear a ring on my right index finger with a lapis (blue) stone. This is it! Vilya it will be!

Vilya – an interpretation.
The next week we were in Las Vegas so we did a little shopping. Talk about great blue stones! There was Topaz, Tanzanite and Blue Sapphires, etc. We examined them all. Tanzanite was very rich, but a soft stone and probably wouldn’t hold up well in a man’s ring the proprietor told us. Topaz was, well that topaz color and I didn’t like it. Now sapphire, especially a deep blue sapphire, natural and not heat treated to add color was sharp. I decided the stone that an elf would choose is a sapphire because it was the deep blue of night and when shone in the sun, points like stars shine off of it. Besides sapphires are for Wisdom (after a wise goddess, Sapphira) and True Love. This was perfect. Yet I didn’t buy one in Vegas. Would you?

I got home and we went to our local Jeweler who we had worked with many times in the past. Goldstar Jewlers in the Willow Glen area of San Jose, California. We spoke with both Alex the jeweler and Ray his salesman, about what I was looking for in a ring. I tried to explain the significance, but I don’t think either of them had read LOTR. Yet they obviously understood the concept and could turn it into reality.

I told them I wanted a Sapphire and out they pulled the Sapphires. We looked at size and color. It was determined that a 1 karat stone would be best for the size the ring would be when completed. Anything bigger would fall over the edge of a straight band ring. There were two reasons. One I didn’t want the band to bow just for the stone, because I thought it might be a little (see actual Movie prop)gaudy. Two it needed to set into the ring so it was not raised ridiculously. This is a real ring I will have for life, not a movie prop. And three you will see below.

As for the ring itself? I told them I wanted a white gold used on the outside of the band (for Telperion) and a yellow gold (for Laurelin) raised relief in a vine and leaf motif. Alex drew a little on a piece of paper and Voila!, it appeared. He said they would call me in a few weeks.

Vilya – an interpretation.
A few weeks later, I happened to be at lunch with my dad just across the street. While we were eating I said I wanted to pop over after we finished and see if the jeweler had completed the job. Now amazingly just as I got to my car the phone rang and unbelievably it was Ray telling me the ring was complete. I told him how coincidental because I was just heading over to the shop from across the street!

When he pulled it out I just couldn’t believe how perfect it was in the real world. I reduced the debt a little more and called to tell the fiancé how incredible it was in reality. Since we really weren’t in a hurry because hey 10/5/2002 is a long way off, we decided to pay a little each month instead of just taking it away right then and there. I mean, I’m not supposed to wear it, right? Tradition and all that convention you know.

Well that lasted about a month. I just couldn’t wait any more. Besides we’ve been together for eight years, we own property together, we’ve lived together for seven years. Seven years in common law makes us Husband & Wife, right. Pretty good justification, eh?

Vilya – an interpretation.
So damn convention, last week I went and paid for it and now I am the wearer of Vilya, mightiest of the three. Not to mentioned finally off the market after thirty nine years.

Thanks “Finarfin”! If you want to research getting your own copy of Vilya, feel free to contact Goldstar Jewelers at Goldstar Jewelers


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