The Combined Diary of the Fellowship of the Ring – Day One

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The Combined Diary of
The Fellowship of the Ring

This diary is an account of the journey of the Fellowship of the Ring written by its members.

Day One
Entry One by Gandalf
The Council of Elrond took place today. It was rather boring and I think I fell asleep at one point. They didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know. Frodo was kind enough to slap me awake for the interesting bits. Didn’t fall asleep after that as things started to get interesting. The guy from Gondor didn’t want us to destroy the Ring. I think he is a dork. Legolas got really annoyed when he started to dis Aragorn. Anyway, the Fellowship was formed. Yes! I made it in. Though Elrond may have been a little reluctant. It has something to do with my age. Felt like pulverising the idiot Elf. At least I joined the Fellowship unlike him.
Better stop writing now, as the que behind me is slowly getting longer. Everyone seems to want to write this diary.

Entry Two by Aragorn
Finally Gandalf has stopped writing and let me have a turn. I will be brief though as Legolas, who is behind me, is continually complaining the we Men and Wizards take too long in simple matters and that is we don’t hurry up he will have grey hair before we finish. As if. I thought he was an Elf. But then you never know with some people.
Anyway, I am the handsomest and strongest looking member of the Fellowship. My rugged looks must have been what got me in. Whatever Boromir has to say about the matter. The ugly git wanted to use the Ring. Like how dumb can you get? But as he also got is somehow, I suppose I will have to try and get along with him. Damn.
Anyway we are due to leave Rivendell in several days. I want Arwen to join us but her daddy won’t let her, the arrogant git. It’s not fair.
Oops! I seem to have written a bit too much. Will have to let Legolas have to pen now.

Entry Three by Legolas
I am the prettiest in the Fellowship. My looks can make any chic drool over me. I will be known as The Pretty One to all, not by the idiotic name my father gave me. I mean, what sort of a name is Legolas. Honestly, I think my dad had been on shire ale when I was born.
Besides that slight matter, things couldn’t have been worse. I have joined the Fellowship and now I have learnt that the Dwarf is coming too. Nooo!!! This can’t be!!! Not a DWARF!!!! Anything but a Dwarf.
Sorry guys. Got a bit carried away there. Won’t do it again. Just to make sure I will stop writing and let someone else have a turn.

Entry Four by the Hobbits
This is Frodo, the Ringbearer writing now. I have succeeded in wrestling the pen off Pippin who wanted to go first. Sam is fighting off he and Merry while I write this small note on the past events before I let them have the pen. I had better be quick anyway as Gandalf has joined the que again for a second entry.
As I am the Ringbearer, I am expected to carry the Ring on a chain around my neck and…
This is Pippin, having finally succeeded in winning the pen back from Frodo. I am writing for myself and Merry. We got into this Fellowship thing cause Frodo was going somewhere and we didn’t want to be left behind. I am not sure where we are going so I will just ask Merry. Merry says we are going to someplace called Mordor. He then called me a nasty name and accused me of not listening all the time. It’s not my fault really. How am I supposed to understand anything when everyone keeps arguing?
No Frodo I won’t give you the pen yet. Just give me a few more minutes.
As I was saying we are members of the Fellowship along with this ruggard looking bunch of Elves, Men and Dwarves. Oh, I have just been informed that the Elf is not ruggard, and is the prettiest in the Fellowship. Not that I think that but he told me to write it or else.
I suppose I should stop writing and give Frodo the pen back.
Finally Pippin. I was beginning to think you would never stop writing. Sam is also encouraging me to hurry as the Dwarf is loosing his temper after Legolas insulted him. Something about his beard, I think it was. But I can’t quite remember. Never mind. Better give him the pen.

Entry Five by Gimli
I hate that Elf. I hate that poncy git. My beard doesn’t look like a squirrel’s tail wrapped about my face. It doesn’t I tell you. That poncy git will pay for that one I tell you.
Besides that I will be brief. After managing to get the pen off the Hobbits, I am now writing a brief note to tell everyone that I am a member of the Fellowship and will do my best to cause havoc between its members and get my revenge on the Elf.

Entry Six by Boromir
At last! The others don’t half take a long time.
No Gandalf. I am not giving you the pen again, you git!
Sorry about that guys. Anyway, I joined the Fellowship, or crowd of idiots, in order to make sure the Ring isn’t destroyed. Honestly! Destroying it would be completely stupid. It is much more sensible if we use it to destroy the Dark Lord. No one else seems to think so though. It’s not fair not fair
Better stop writing as the stars are coming out and I have been standing on my feet all day waiting for a chance to write this diary.


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