The Boredom Of The Rings – Muddle-Earth :Part One

by May 12, 2004Other News

“The ring is made! I lord Oldun shall marry her mistress with this wedding ring and take over Muddle-Earth!”, he said, with great laughter.
Lord Oldun had to plan quickly before the almighty race of men and elves invaded. “I’ve have got it!” oldun said, “I shall take over by making a fake retreat and then attack from the back and kill them all!”
As they went to battle Oldun did what he had planned and made a fake retreat. But the armies of good did not fall for this plan and sent half of their troops to defend. as lord Oldun saw his armies of orcs falling by defeat he decided to battle himself. In doing so he destroyed many men and elves
Until he came across King Blackspot and his son hisildur. Blackspot tried to kill him but his sword Gosil Shattered as Lord Oldun Stamped on it, Blackspot was then killed, And Then Oldun went for hisildur . Just in time, hisildur picked up his fathers sword and cut the wedding ring from Lord Oldun’s hand, “AAAAGGGHHHHH!!”, Oldun Screamed, Oldun Then Fled to his mistress and was killed for his mistake, or so everybody Thought………..


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