The Ballad of Lordo Fring — Part 3 – The Hunt for the Captives Begins

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The North, South, West Winds for Boromir did grieve,
And for Gondor, who of a valiant son Death did bereave
Nor would Minas Tirith find solace in a visiting Fellowship
As for now the survivors must make a more pressing trip

Frodo must go on to Mordor (mostly) alone,
Accompanied by a presence he did not condone
For Sam and Harry had insisted on coming also
And the black shadow of Gollum too did follow

Right now, it was realized, there was naught left in store
For Merry, Ron, and Pippin, but death and torture,
So the company bent their minds to a long and tiring chase
But then found out the challenge that now did them face

For fight and thought did precious hours waste
And they for not the first time, did bitter exhaustion taste
Courageous, yet slightly daunted, they prepared themselves to run
And the burden of responsibility weighed upon each one

Aragorn, though, was not dismayed
He was a king by birth, a ranger by trade
Gimli, Legolas, and Hermione followed as he took up the trail
Seeing his stern eye, none doubted who would prevail

The trees were felled, the grasses shredded
And ’twas easy to see where Orcs had treaded
Through destroyed underbrush the company sped
Then into the Emyn Muil the pathway led

Descending into gullys, scrambling up ravines,
Leaving time for little or no rest in-betweens
Hermione, unused to such strenuous exertion
Into tiredness soon made a complete immersion

Yet she kept on, and ne’er did complain,
And slowly the others’ respect she did gain,
To keep spirits up, she talked about books
(A subject which garnered her many strange looks)

Gimli, of course, was of sterner stuff,
Hailing from the dwarven race, resilient and tough
Battle axe clattering, raring for a fight,
He stoutly kept pace with those of more height

Legolas Greenleaf bounded along,
Gracefully leaping with strides smooth and long,
His keen eyes scouted out bare plains ahead,
And it was he who first noticed the Orcs’ dead

With cruel strokes, the five had been hewn
And two heads on the bloody ground were strewn
‘Twas uncertain who or what had committed the deed
So ’twas with more caution the pursuers did proceed

Into the green land of Rohan the company went,
Tracking the Orcs like hounds on a scent,
When the fires of hope, Aragorn did stoke,
By picking up the brooch of an elven cloak

Pippin had been here, his footprints all ’round,
The Lorien leaf left as a clue to be found,
Yet boldness often does harsh punishment incur,
And this thought to greater speed the company did spur

No-one can run forever, though
And the signs of collapse were beginning to show
So when blind night came, they had to rest,
But when morning arrived, greater yet was the test

For during the night, the Orcs had run,
As though behind them were whips of Sauron
Now far in front, their trail was left cold,
And on their position, Legolas’s eyes had no hold

Yet Aragorn knew there were ways other than sight,
To determine the paths of an enemy’s flight,
So using all knowledge of nature’s broad lore
He pressed ear to earth to hear any rumor

And so long there, listening, did he stay
That black night faded to approaching day,
And all wondered in the ever-lightening morn,
If, despite all, captives to Isengard would be born


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