The Adventures of Pippinlee and Levana – lol

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“HAHA!”screamed Pippinlee as Wellhelm finally caught up with her.”You win!”

“Yay,” he said boredly.

“Cheer up? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing; I’m always like this.”

“No your not.”

“Yes I am.”

“No your not.”

“Yes I am.”

“YEs you are.”

“No I’m not.”

“HA! I got you.”

“Oh darn it.”

“So, what’s on your mind?”Pippinlee asked concernedly.

“Oh, nothing,”Wellhelm lied. ‘Except your so georgous,’ he thought.

“Fine then! Be that way. I’m going hunting.”

“But your a girl.

“So what? There’s nothing else to do.”

“Okay then, where’s your weapon?”

“In here,” said Pippinlee, patting a bundle on the back of her saddle.

“Oh Do we have to go hunting?”

“No, we can talk. But, I’d rather in the Pelennor Fields.”

“We are in the Pelennor Fields.”

“We are? Oh good! But, let’s go to the middle.”


“More space to let the horses graze.” They rode over to the middle, untacked their horses, and plopped down. Pippinlee couldn’t help but look around for awhile, for her father had told her so many stories of the War of the Ring. “So,”she said once she had soaked it all in.”Whatch want to talk about?”

“Tell me why Levana is always so quiet, well er, I mean, self-contained, except fo rI mean around you.”

“I guess it’s because she’s like my father. But, tell me why most boys and men are afraid of her.”

“Hehe! She’s sort of like a repellant. Im not afraid of her, but, er, its hard to explain.”

“Oh,”Pippinlee looked deeply into Wellhelm’s glorious blue eyes, and thought,’man I love him! I wish I didn’t act so stupid all the time though. I should act like my real smart self. But, I’m still totally not enough. Besides, he’s totally not into me.’ That’s where she went wrong. Wellhelm stared right back at her. Pippinlee blushed and looked up at the clouds. “It’s going to rain in about an hour or so,”she said with a smart little gesture of her hand.

“Oh really, how can you tell?”Wellhelm replied inquisitively in a tone very much as his father’s.

“I don’t know. I sort of get it from my dad. Just like my horri nose! But don’t tell him I said that. PLEASE, he’s already gotten onto me about always complaining about my nose,” she added with a ridiculous gesture and squeezing her nose really hard. It stayed in place for a secnd, Pippinlee felt a air of accomplishment, and then it flare out again.

“I like your nose. It’s very cute,” Wellhelm said as he quickly scooted over to where she was. Pippinlee quickly thought, ‘maybe he DOES have feelings for me.’ “SO,”she said,”and what would you like to do today?”

“I don’t know,”Wellhelm said as he layed back and looked up into the sky, of which was empty except for one big cloud, which was slowly turning dark.

“Well,”she said,”while your just lying there, Im going to think of something to do. Pippinlee thought up a evil little idea, and a evil little smile slowly spread over her face until it was one huge, evil grin. She just sat there staring at Wellhelm until he finally noticed.

” What the?!” he said as Pippinlee quickly ran off with the saddle blanket of which he ws using for a pillow. “Oh that little…” he never got to finish his sentence for Pippinlee quickly ran right past him, and that is how the pursuit began. Pippinlee was in the lead when she turned around and couldn’t see Wellhelm. “Oh,”she said aloud,”I guess I’ve outrun him.” She turned around to be looking straight up into his face.Wellhelm grabbed her around her tiny waist and planted a big one on her. She turned around dazed and stumbled. Wellhelm scooped her up in his arms and brought her back to where they had been sitting, when Pippinlee so rudely stole his make shift pillow(saddleblanket). Pippinlee jumped out of his arms and whistled for Ariago. Ariago came quickly trotting up to them along with Vernosti(lovely name) and started tacking her up. “What are you doing?!”Wellhelm stated.

“It’s about to start raining,”she said adding,”besides, I bet there’s going to be some sort of ball or something, so I dont want to be late!”

“You and your dances!”Wellhelm said with a grin. He too started tacking up his horse.

“And what, may I ask, do you mean by that?”

“Oh, nothing.”

“Uh!”Pippinlee said preppily. She hopped onto Ariago. Wellhelm, as soon as he was done with Vernosti, hopped onto him. They started off, and Pippinlee started humming a little hobbit dance tune. “What are you humming?”asked Wellhelm, who obviously had never been to Hobbiton before.

“Something Pippin taught me.”

“Oh.” Pippinlee quickly started talking in elvish to Ariago. Ariago listened intently to he little spell that Pippinlee was weaving. Ariago quickly sharted doing a sort of skip after Pippinlee was finished. All of a sudden, the heavens opened up and it was pouring. “HA!”Pippinlee said,”I told you.”

“Grr!” They soon entered the city gates and were slowly making their ways up all the levels to the stables. As soon as they entered out of the rain. They jumped off their horses and shook themselves like wet dogs. Pippinlee quickly started untacking Ariago, and as soon as she was finished, started rubbing her off so that she wouldn’t get he slightest bit sick. Pippinlee was so busy that she idn’t even notice Glorfindel of whom was approaching her. He quickly demanded of her and Wellhelm where they had been. Pippinlee and Wellhelm stared blankly at each other and said, “Somewhere.”

“Oh. Well, the whold palace is in a uproar searching for you two.”

“I feel so loved!”Pippinlee said with a dreamy yet sarcastic look.”I don’t know why it would be such a big eal though.”

“Maybe because the ball is starting in 15 minutes!”

Lol, hope that everyone liked!


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