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Treebeard and the Hobbits
Ted Nasmith for Sale: Ted usually paints in gouache (intense watercolour) and some of the paintings and prints at the gallery have appeared as illustrations in calendars or elsewhere. If you are looking for a print (or original) of a particular illustration, and think it is one on their list, ask the Gallery to check when and where the illustration was published, as Ted sometimes produces more than one painting on a theme.

The Chalk Farm Gallery, London, UK still has a small number of original paintings and prints by Ted Nasmith for sale following their recent exhibition. These include original gouache paintings for example Treebeard and the Hobbits ( UK £155) to Galadriel (UK £2,425), and framed limited edition prints such as Minas Tirith at Dawn (UK £285 each) and The Shores of Valinor (UK £225 each). Unframed prints also available. For more information or a list contact Laura Chater, tel/fax (UK) 0207 2673300 or email info@chalk-farm-gallery.co.uk


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