Swedish LOTR/Olympic Commercial – Humorous LOTR Spoof

by Jan 25, 2002Other News

The transaltion is as follows:

Voiceover: “Legends tell of the olympic rings who have the power to enchant the world. They have now found their way into the hands of the most unlikely person imaginable.”

Frodo: “But, what should I do with these?”

Elrond: “The rings must be brought to Salt Lake City before February 8th.”

Frodo: “I cannot do this alone. I’m too small!”

Aragorn: “But, why don’t you stand up? Why are you running around on your knees? Seriously?”

Frodo: “That’s good advice.”

Finnish Hockey players hunt Frodo through the snow.

February 8th…

Frodo: “Something draws near, I can feel it.”

Aragorn: “Get off the road!”

The games…

Arwen: “If you want him, come and claim him!”

Come to life!!

Gandalf: “Let..the games…begin!!”

The five rings comes onto the screen, and a voiceover says:
The tale of the olympic rings – Only on Swedish television.

Frodo: “Does anyone know how this should be?”

Gandalf: “Hmmm… Like This!”

Thanks to Mazarbul from Ringbearer.org for the translation!!


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