Spies, Marriage, and The Lord of the Rings – Not Quite 007

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Dan M. sent me a heads up regarding a small snippet of news regarding some international affairs and The Lord of the Rings.

I’m sure many of you have heard of Edmond Pope, an American citizen who is a “free-lance military consultant” that was arrested on April 5 in Russia and subsequently jailed, accused of being a spy. Here’s the interesting part: his wife, Cheri Pope brought her husband, Edmond, The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers in July “to help pass the time in prison.” Now that Edmond has been pardoned and is returning, plans are in order to finish the trilogy. Here’s what the story says:

When life returns to normal, she said, the couple will sit together and reread the third volume of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings.” They read the trilogy 30 years ago, when they were newlyweds, and Cheri Pope brought her husband the first two volumes in July to help pass the time in prison.

His story is quite interesting, and rather troublesome as you get into the details of his experience. Click the link below to read the full story with the above quote; for a report that gives an overview of the situation, click here.


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