Something About Pippin – A Poem

by Jun 11, 2002Other News

Pippin is a happy Hobbit,
and very youthful, too.
He just wants to sit and eat his lunch
when there is so much to do!

Some people think he’s not that smart,
but he really is quite brilliant.
And very caring, gold is his heart.
Don’t you think he’s quite resilient?

He may not be as old or wise
as some of those he meets.
But this perky Hobbit do not despise!
He is really quite a treat.

He is honest and he’s caring,
what more could you expect?
His personality is flaring,
could he deserve any more respect?

So answer me these questions,
and say his name out loud.
Pippin son of Paladin;
You are loved in Tolkien crowds!


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