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by Apr 16, 2000Other News

You’ve all noticed that we’ve been in an ongoing mode of development lately… In addition to the redesign and restructuring of this site completed a few weeks ago, we’ve been renaming and adding some features.

I’ve received some emails about where exactly the Tolkien Virgin series went when we redesigned the site… Well, it was under a section called “Masters of Lore”, but in lieu of some confusion over this name, we’ve changed it to “The Reading Room”–this section will contain all the criticisms, reviews, works of fiction and poetry, and all other fan-based writings submitted to us. We’ve also added the Fan Art and Multimedia sections to the Art Gallery–now you can easily find items in those sections!

Secondly, we’ll be adding a new feature to the site within the immediate future… a feature that is at the very core of the vision for this site… Stay tuned, er, connected…!

Also, I’m sure many of you have noticed we’ve had a couple of “outages” last week when the site wasn’t available. We are in the heated process of upgrading and expanding our hardware to make sure this doesn’t happen again! We apologize for any inconvenience.

And lastly, we want to hear your thoughts on the site. If you have any suggestions, please email them to us! Many of the changes we’ve made were born out of suggestions from visitors to this site. We want to know!


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