September 2, 1973 – The Gift Was Given

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On September 2, 1973 J. R. R. Tolkien was given the gift that is to be given to all men as he passed beyond the sea and past the barriers of this Middle-earth to the arms of Eru. As members of the race of men, it is our hope and our prayer that we shall all meet him there someday. ··Jonathan, Ted, Cline, and the rest of the Tolkien Online staff.

I suppose that the death of J.R.R. Tolkien was something we all knew to be imminent — but the news of it is still a cause for deep sadness. Something of joy and delight has gone from us. Another different (and oh, how wonderfully different!) drummer is stilled. Tolkien gave us an epic, a new body of myth, a world of heroes and periods. He gave the beauty of magic back to us. It is a richer world for millions becuase of him. But fortunately for us, his universe survives and will continue to survive for millions more to discover. The singer is gone, but the song is a Kadish Hymn and a promise of joy in a never ending morning. ··Lester del Rey

I came to J.R.R Tolkien’s books at a very unusal time in my life. But then I guess that everyone who has read them and been moved by them has felt the same way. Perhaps it is because they helped to make it an unusual time. He enriched the entire field of fantastic literature with his great story. He changed many of us who passed through his world. And is the true mark of true power — to make oneself felt so intensely and so pervasively and with such affection. While I was saddened to hear of his passing, it is good to know that his life was long, long enough for him to feel our appreciation of his work and long enough to realize that so many of us are grateful. ··Roger Zelazny

Tolkien was, in the truest sense of the word, an enchanter. ··Terry Pratchett

Take this weekend and reflect, not on the story, or the characters, or the world, but spend some time reflecting on the Man who is J.R.R. Tolkien and yourself. What drove him to become the man that he is today? How has this enchanter and dreamer changed your life? What gave him this power over us?


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