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Eowyn: Bye Uncle Theoden, we’ll be real good.

Theoden: I’m sure you will, so Aragorn, we won’t be gone long and here’s the number if you need anything.

Arwen: Oh, we’ll be fine. Because they’re such good little babies yessah oogoo bahabo

(All Adults) : Bye kids, be good now!

Finduilas: (Punches Aragorn in the arm) Good luck with the

Aragorn: Hehe

(They all leave and Eowyn grins maliciously)

Eomer: I don’t know Faramir, I already miss my mommy and daddy

Faramir: Don’t be scared Eomer! We saw them at the weddling member? They had yummy cake.

Legolas: Mmmmmm….cake

Faramir: We’ll be fine

Eowyn: Oooooh babies! Do you member that Arwen said that she wanted kids of her own?

Gimli: yeah, she wants be a mommy

Eowyn: That’s right Gimli, she does want to be a mommy.
She wants to be YOUR mommy. She’s gonna take you
home and you’ll never see your mommy and daddy again.

(All) : *Gasp*

Faramir: Calm down you guys, we’ll just have to make her not
want to be a mommy any more.

Eomer: But how Faramir? Only people with bad babies don’t
want to be a mommy!

Faramir: That’s it! We’ll be real bad and then when she sees how bad we are, she won’t want to take us home!
(Pulls an arrow out of his diaper and picks the playpen lock)
Come on you guys.

Eomer: Me and me big mouth!


Arwen: Look at the chart I made! I’ve made a schedule, let’s see. 11:00-11:10 is getting to know eachother time 11:10-11:30 is quiet playtime 11:30- 12:00 is lunchtime……

Aragorn: I don’t know, I don’t think that there should be a schedule

Arwen: Oh! What do you know! (Walks into living room) Hello
babies! Now it’s time for wunchtime and I bought you all some new outfits cause I just wuve baby cwothes! But it’s wunchtime so don’t get you new cwothes dirty!

(A scene of mass chaos appears with the children throwing their mushed peas and carrots every where)

(Splatted with peas) Arwen: No! Stop that! Bad Babies!

(Pudding lands in hair) Aragorn: Ah! Stop! Stop now!(Arwen cries and runs out of the room)

(Eowyn smirks) I know how to get the babies to be good!

Aragorn: Would you do that for us, Eowyn.

Eowyn: A’course I would, but there’s one itsy, bitsy little favor you guys would have to do for me.

Arwen: Name your price

Eowyn: I want to go to the smithie and get scale mail, a helm,
a sheild, and a sword. Oh, and a new bridle for Cynthia.

Aragorn: Ok, it’s a done deal.

Eowyn: OH! Goody! I’ll be back!

Arwen: Oh Eowyn, thank you!

(Walks into the kitchen where the mass pandimonium has ceased) Eowyn: Good news babies, Arwen doesn’t want to be a mommy anymore. You’re off the hook now.

Faramir: *sniff* I feel bad you guys, it was our fault she doesn’t want to be a mommy. Waaahhaaaahhaaa

Eomer: We’re bad babies! Waaahhaaaahaaa!

(All start to cry)

Faramir: *sniff* Maybe we can show them that we’re nice babies. *sniff* Common you guys!

(They all escape from the confines of their high chairs, walk into the living room, and immediatly start the hug and love on Aragorn and Arwen)

Aragorn: Wow Eowyn, it worked. You’re an angel!

Arwen: Thank you so much!

(Parents arrive)

Denethor: I hope the children we’re too much trouble.

Finduilas: Yeah, those pups can be a handful.

Arwen: I think we might wait to have children for a little while.

(Yanks on Aragorn’s shirt) Eowyn: Aragorn, our deal?!

Aragorn: Oh, I’ll go ask your uncle.

(Speaks to Theoden) Aragorn: Ok Eowyn, you’re coming with us. I’ll go get your coat.

Faramir: Oh no you guys! Their going to take Eowyn away. Uh….no one wants a dirty baby right. (Pulls out mushed peas)

(All through baby food at Eowyn) SPLAT!!!!!

Eowyn: Ahhhhhhh!!!!

Theoden: Oh. no. Eowyn, you’re filthy. Sorry Aragorn but Eowyn needs a bath. Maybe some other time!

Eowyn: But…..but!

Theoden: No buts, you’re going home to take a bath.

Eowyn: (Glares at the babies)

(All Babies wave to Eowyn as she an Theoden get on Snowmane)



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