Review: The Hobbit on Stage – Delightful or Disappointing?

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Do you remember some news a while back about a stage version of The Hobbit (with puppets) traveling around New Zealand and Australia? As it so happens, Margaret G. was able to take a trip to see it on January 27 in Brisbane, and she was kind enough to write a review of the experience…

I was delighted with this production, and felt it would be a great
introduction to both the theatre in general and the Hobbit in particular for
a child (person) who may not be familiar with these forms of entertainment.

The puppets were magnificent, and the sets, and the acting generally. The
adaptation was excellent considering the medium and the time available into
which the story had to be fitted. It was true to the story although some
episodes had to left out eg Beorn.

Having said that, my qualifications include:
An unhappiness with Gandalf. His hat was a constant worry, since the book
clearly states at the beginning that it was blue and tall, and this hat may
have been tall once, but had clearly seen better days. If it was ever blue,
it hid it well under a brown haze of dirt or whatever. In addition, his
voice seemed too light (although it was very loud); it should have been
learn-ed and dignified as would befit a wizard. This impression was
compounded for those of who recall his part in a comedy called “Mother &
Son”, when he was a complete rogue, and his voice sounded just the same!!

The other slight problem was the over loudness of the sound in the theatre.
Children who may not have been deaf on arrival may well have been suffering
eardrum fatigue by the end, and even the senior citizens in my party were
overwhelmed although they started off with hearing impairment. The excess
noise didn’t help the production.

For more information on the performance, visit the official site at Thanks Margaret!


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