Review of Barahir’s Ring, Nenya and Vilya – Applause Collectible Ring Series

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Thanks to Elbren for taking the time to write up this review!

Barahir’s Ring

Barahir’s Ring
I pre-ordered Barahir’s Ring, (Aragorn’s Ring), Nenya, and Vilya from the Collectible Ring Series. I am actually quite impressed with the packaging, meaning the Ring boxes themselves. As you can see from the pictures, the ring boxes are actually much nicer than the Rings themselves! Keep in mind, these rings are for collecting, not for wearing! They retail for anywhere from $9.95 to $12.00 or so dollars; so this is not real gold or real silver, folks!

Barahir’s Ring (Aragorn’s Ring) does make a stab at being accurate to the Silmarillion description. For those who need reminding, this ring was a gift to Barahir and his descendants given by Finrod Felagund, in reward for the saving of his life in the Dagor Bragollach. The Ring was used as a token by Barahir’s son Beren Erchamion when he sought Finrod’s aid in the Quest of the Silmaril, and passed down by his descendants for thousands of years. It was still an heirloom of the House of Isildur in the Third Age. This was one of my favorite “artifacts” to research as a young Tolkien fan, so it’s actually quite thrilling to have my “own” replica! The lighting aspect of this Ring works much better than does Vilya or Nenya, by the way.

Vilya in Box
Vilya, Ring of Air: Golden as it should be with a blue stone, Vilya is a nice ring and the box packaging is again, very true to its Elvish origins. The lighting aspect of the ring box is not very good, unfortunately, unless you are in complete darkness 🙂

Nenya in Box
Nenya, Ring of Water: Silver with that very odd flower atop the fake adamant (diamond) stone. It is exactly like the Nenya that I saw at Casa Loma, by the way. The ring box is flowery and feminine, as you would expect Galadriel’s Ring to be, I suppose, but actually, this is my least favorite of
the three 🙁



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