Peter Jackson-Owned Theater May Become LOTR Cinema

by Jun 11, 2009Other News

Jack at The Noldor Blog has posted some interesting news regarding “movement” at the cinema Peter Jackson bought a few years back.  Here’s an excerpt:

Back in 2003, Peter Jackson and Jamie Selkirk got together and bought up an old Cinema here in Wellywood called Capitol Court, which is a 1920’s Art Deco building. The word around town was that it would be developed into a LOTR related cinema, possibly with a Rings museum attached to it.

Fast forward to a year ago, June 2008, and the cinema had still not been used or renovated…

However, there appears to be some recent movement at the cinema itself, and I’ve also heard from a number of sources living in the area that there may well be some light on the horizon. I understand that in the next few weeks I may have some more definite news, but apparently the go-ahead on the redevelopment of the cinema has been given.

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