On and Off the Set – Part Three

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Orlando walked into the hotel’s cafeteria, wondering where the others had gone off to now. He couldn’t find any one other than one of the costume dezigners awating them for the next scene shoot, but she was just as puzzled as she was about their whereabouts.

Untill she remembered seeing the ambulance and Miranda being taken out in a strecher.

With what little information she gave him, he managed to find which hospittal she’d been taken to and found her room filled with the other cast and crew members.

By the looks of things, the hospittal staff were beginning to believe it time that they make a few people leave.

“What happened to her?” he asked Peter as he stood near the doorway.

“She got a bad bump on the head and thinks she was attacked by an Uruk.” the director explained. “They want to do a few examinations befor they think about letting her go.”

“Jeez, that had to be one knock on the head!” he said softly. “The staff seem a little off about all of us cramming in here, though.” he added.

“Yeah, they’re going to put her out for a while again in a moment. She’s getting a little hyper.”


“The halusinations are comming to her off and on. She keeps seeing people that aren’t there.”

A voice rang out ofer the others in the room, it was Miranda’ss, screaming to be let loos because Sarumon was in the room, but it was only Christopher attempting to heep her down where she wouldn’t hurt the man portraying Lurtz.

“I see.”

Miranda found it hard to try and warn the others, yet again, of the wizard amongst them. They thought she’d gone crazy, that the swing to her head had caused her to loose touch with reality and slip half way into believing that Tolkien’s world was real. She tried harder and harder to fight what the nurse had pushed into her IV, but it was so terribly hard.

The others began to leave as she tried to call to them. Sarumon continued to laugh at her.

He even stayed with her after she’d been knocked out by the drugs. He came over to her bed and sat down by her side. She couldn’t move. He leaned down to whisper in her ear, a taunt to her inability to purswade her friends and co-workers to help her fight.

“Will they be locked way like this as well when they ‘go crazy’?” he asked her. “How will you get out of here, now that even thoes tending to you have placed you within my grasp, oh lady?”

She couldn’t even speek. Her attempts left him laughing again. Soon he left her, with only a grinning backward glance, left her in the darkness, alone.


Poor thing. Karl thought. Playing the role of her character’s brother had brought the two together in a good friendship. And now, seeing how she’d reacted to seeing Christopher, he could only wonder what had really happened earlyer.

Was she thinking about something to do with the Uruks when she was hit? he thought. It would make sence.

“Don’t worry for her.” a kid said in the door way. “She survived once befor, she’ll survive again.”

“What’s your name, kid?” he asked lowly, thinking that his voice would disturbe her.

The boy came in.

“How many times do I have to tell you? Meriadoc Brandybuck of Buckland.” he said, a stressed look on his face.

“Yeah, right. What’s your real name?”

“Fine, call me Merry if you like.”

“Well then, Merry, hhow is it that you know Miranda?”

“Miranda? Don’t you mean Eowyn? Oh, that’s right… These are different times. I’m still not used to this whole elven magic stuff yet. I met her when I met you, of course.”

“And that would be?”

In Isengard…

Karl gave him an odd look. This kid sure was strange.


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